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Songmuddywater t1_izfhwka wrote

So you admit that it's an issue. You admit the experts know about it and admit that people can be long term suffers of Lyme. You admit that professionals including the CDC and medical doctors use the term chronic fine as well as other words to describe the syndrome.

But you still think that women who have long-term symptoms of Lyme disease or mentally ill and don't deserve to be treated medically. Because they are women they should never have symptoms listen to by a medical professional. They should always assume that when a woman claims pain that it's in her head.

Wow! This is a level of sexism I haven't encountered in a long time. Even the groups who hate women don't go this far.


Cypher1492 t1_izfndge wrote

Please read what I actually said.

> mentally ill and don't deserve to be treated medically

You keep insisting that mental illness is somehow "not real" and isn't treated medically which is simply not true. Mental illness is medical illness.