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Possumsurprise t1_izgpgq8 wrote

I contracted COVID multiple times from family members and haven’t been vaccinated yet due to a mix of some medical conditions I have that I’m fearful of potential interaction with but also just every time I intended to do it something happened that made it impossible then I’d catch covid again and have to wait and etc.

I never lost my sense of smell or taste even during active infection, or got very sick (also a reason I didn’t necessarily prioritize vaccination despite being adamant my at high risk family members should get it) and I kind of want to attribute it to some of the medications I’m on. I take a lot of medicine to treat a messy combination of a genetic condition, neuropsych conditions, GI and immunological issues I have including some unconventional stuff. Two that I feel could’ve helped were famotidine which I take in supratherapeutic doses with approval from a doctor and memantine, which is potently neuroprotective.

My point is I think I preserved smell and taste throughout because of these drugs. I’m curious to see if long COVID and it’s brain fog type symptoms are responsive to any of these kinds of agents that induce neurogenesis.