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RadFriday t1_izdcyt4 wrote

Can someone explain what this means in stupid person terms? What I'm gathering is that people who rank more highly on the adhd scale have more cognitive decline earlier in life?


dissident_right t1_izdsllw wrote

Basically. In another chapter of 'life sucks and is horribly unfair' if you have a genetic predisposition for ADHD you also have a greater likelihood of contracting Alzheimer's as you age.

Could be that certain genes effect neuroanatomy (brain structure) and that the specific anatomy of that part of the brain effects the risk of development of numerous cognitive disorders (explaining the correlation here).

Alternatively there may be some correlation between IQ and onset of ADHD. As far as I am aware there are already studies that show a correlation between IQ and risk of Alzheimer's, so there may be overlap here (higher IQ, less risk of both conditions).


SnooPuppers1978 t1_ize6o2h wrote

But rather than thinking that if you have ADHD you could be more likely to get Alzheimer, I think based on this study, it would be better to think, that there's something that can possibly cause all of those 3 more likely to happen.

What I'm trying to say, is that there's a gene X, that could mess with your ability to pay attention, decrease your IQ and increase risk of Alzheimer's.

You can still have ADHD, but it doesn't mean you immediately have higher risk of Alzheimer's.

To me it seems more likely that there's just this one thing that can cause issues in all sorts of different mental faculties.

Like in an extreme case if we cut your head off, you would have 0 ability to pay attention, 0 ability to have a decent IQ and you would have 0 ability to memorise things. It could just be something that impacts everything on a less milder manner. And it's a bit misleading to start the title with ADHD


eldenrim t1_j02597k wrote

Many cases of ADHD accompany sleep-breathing disorders, like apnea or UARS.

If not those, there's delayed circadian rhythms, insomnia, and just plain struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle in regards to sleep.

We know poorer sleep leads to Alzheimer's. Drugs involving neurotransmitters like dopamine seem to play a role as well.

Then you've just got poorer general health. ADHD people are more likely to struggle with nutrition. They're more likely to abuse substances, alongside an increased risk of regular alcohol, nicotine, and excess caffeine use.

This study definitely didn't isolate a high quantity of people with ADHD that also had none of the above.

I'm not saying there is no link outside of these other things. But this is kind of to be expected. But it would be stranger if there wasn't, really


Sculptasquad t1_izd1izc wrote

"We calculated a weighted ADHD-PRS in 212 CU individuals without a
clinical diagnosis of ADHD (55–90 years). These individuals had baseline
amyloid-β (Aβ) positron emission tomography, longitudinal cerebrospinal
fluid (CSF) phosphorylated tau at threonine 181 (p-tau181),
magnetic resonance imaging, and cognitive assessments for up to 6 years.
Linear mixed-effects models were used to test the association of
ADHD-PRS with cognition and AD biomarkers. Higher ADHD-PRS was
associated with greater cognitive decline over 6 years. The combined
effect between high ADHD-PRS and brain Aβ deposition on cognitive
deterioration was more significant than each individually. Additionally,
higher ADHD-PRS was associated with increased CSF p-tau181
levels and frontoparietal atrophy in CU Aβ-positive individuals. Our
results suggest that genetic liability for ADHD is associated with
cognitive deterioration and the development of AD pathophysiology.
Findings were mostly observed in Aβ-positive individuals, suggesting
that the genetic liability for ADHD increases susceptibility to the
harmful effects of Aβ pathology."


[deleted] t1_izdhhho wrote



Mumbling_Mute t1_izdvsen wrote

Isn't there increased chance of parkinsons too?


AudioxBlood t1_izeayl6 wrote

At least in my family, yes. I'm AuDHD, mom is ADHD and so was grandma. Grandma on mom's side was hit with parkinson's earlier in my life. Dad's mom also died from Parkinson's. Dad was undiagnosed but there is plenty to suspect he was autistic.

I have a nasty feeling I'm in for a hell of a time when I get older. Just hoping I'm aware enough to self delete at a certain point. I don't want to waste away in a bed, locked in my own body with no way to communicate like my grandma.


Chemputer t1_izeqfz8 wrote

Stupid question, but what is AuDHD?

Edit: First time I googled it it just showed results for ADHD, but it turns out that's because I accidentally typed ADHD. AuDHD seems to be Autism and ADHD. Didn't know that was a term, cool!

Guess I'm in the same camp.


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