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jaimeinsd t1_izduc9s wrote

"Humans didn't domesticate grain, grain domesticated humans." ~Yuval Noah Harai, Sapiens


rbesfe1 t1_ize8emw wrote

Neat quote but humans are the ones who did the artificial selection to turn wild rice and grains into a domesticated variety, not the other way around.


innocuousEclair t1_izeapud wrote

In an effort to thrive, rice has slowly, over millennia, cultivated increasingly useful humans.


jaimeinsd t1_izgh8to wrote

Yawn. Argue with the author who spent a lifetime researching these things. Not me. I just enjoyed the book.


rbesfe1 t1_izgyzst wrote

Maybe don't throw out random quotes then if you don't understand them


jaimeinsd t1_izhuhhx wrote

No yeah that's exactly what happened. You're so smart look at you. Is your dad proud of you yet for making irrelevant corrections to innocuous comments on internet forums? I bet he is so proud now. You've finally done it.

Last word's yours smart guy, I'm off to read. You have a good night.


dumnezero t1_izg0gdr wrote

Roaches and rats created urban civilization.

^(Teleological reasoning is fun!)


Glittering-Walrus228 t1_izeo15r wrote

some ancient mfer woke up and decided he wanted to eat 1,000 of something


NYCBYB t1_ize8s1j wrote

Tools from China that lasted 10k years? Harbor Freight needs to up its game.


Net_Link_Runner t1_izeefvt wrote

My deepcool Chinese PC water-cooler lasted 1 year after the warranty before destroying my entire PC. Chinese manufacturing then > Chinese manufacturing now.


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Miguel-odon t1_izefp74 wrote

Sickle-gloss is one of my favorite words.


Lite3000 t1_izguh9b wrote

Imagining people harvesting rice, but instead of now it's 10000 years ago, makes the thought much less mundane.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_izem2rb wrote

I'm always suspect of anthropological and archeological studies out of China as I suspect they'd fake studies out of some out of date Nationalist perspective.