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PlaidChester t1_j277i3q wrote

Biofules are good and all, but it's funny that they are suggesting to reduce the co2 emissions of a decomposing tree by combining it with sugar cain that would have to be shipped to the uk.


therealdannyking t1_j2aivl6 wrote

You may have misread the article.

The process doesn't need sugar cane, only pine needles. The article mentions that while cane by itself is more efficient, pine needles do an adequate job with more refined techniques. The researchers mention the pine needles can be mixed in with the cane. for an added boost. Since the UK already imports sugar cane, it wouldn't be a new addition to their carbon footprint. The pine needles can be mixed in when they are abundant (January).


PlaidChester t1_j2apv70 wrote

Fair enough, I was referencing the abstract of the paper cited by the article where only the sugarcane bagasse and pine needles were referenced as the feed stock. I did not read the full paper where I guess they discussed other options.

Also I did not realize the uk imported decent amounts of unprocessed sugar cane, to process to get the bagasse. I am surprised really, seems much more expensive than just importing cane sugar.