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RuthTheWidow t1_j1rxh3a wrote

Gardener here. This is amazing.

I love science. Like, truly, as an adult, some of my best days have been days that have announcements like these.


pellicle_56 t1_j1s0qff wrote

why do I get the feeling of dread in reading this ... fungi ... anyone who thinks they can tame that beast are living in a sheltered world. Fungi the fifth kingdom of the realm.


TrailerPosh2018 t1_j1s45n2 wrote

I've always dreamed of inanimate objects that can heal themselves. Next up, cars please!


Memetic1 OP t1_j1s8int wrote

Here is what I wonder about. We know that the world wood web has signals that look like language. So what happens if we try to contact it? It seems that the mycelium kingdom and plants have a long history of cooperation. It makes me wonder whether something like trade could be possible. When it comes to the climate crisis we kind of need all the help we can get.


Memetic1 OP t1_j1s8ood wrote

If the fungal kingdom wanted us dead we would have been a long time ago. Every day your breathing in spores from numerous fungi there really is no avoiding it. So why not learn to work with them instead?


s0mnambulance t1_j1si9vf wrote

This is how it begins. And I'm on board for it! What else are humans gonna offer, besides exploitation and death? This discovery is more hope than not, given nonetheless my quite cynical soul.


passtheGUAK t1_j1tmpd6 wrote

What you’re forgetting is that fungi benefit from fungi being used There are so many god damn plants including every tree that have fungi they rely on so closely that If one dies the other dies too

Such is the curse of life. We all need each other, always and forever


KermitPhor t1_j1u1pur wrote

I suspect water damage to the material will enjoy regenerating in other ways


BlG_DlCK_BEE t1_j1w7oho wrote

I think they’re misunderstanding these recent studies that show the ways mycelium “brokers”nutrient transfer between different plants. There has been some relatively recent evidence that mushrooms will “communicate” with plants with certain nutrient deficiencies in one part of the forest and plants with nutrient surpluses in other parts of the forest. The mushrooms will then transfer nutrients between these plants even if the plants are of different species. It’s actually some really interesting stuff but I think it’s been kinda presented in an elementary way to most people through podcasts or BuzzFeed style news articles.