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EvelcyclopS t1_j1c8aq5 wrote

No reason to legislate against it then right?

Sounds like it’s less damaging than alcohol.


LumberSmurf t1_j1d82i0 wrote

FAR LESS, why do you think they have been trying to destroy it for years?

It's one of the few medications that doesn't come with a huge list of detrimental side effects.

Truly God's gift to mankind but many are too greedy to see it.


BDM-Archer t1_j1eu8ql wrote

If your $200 pill doesn't come with side effects how else can they sell you the $300 pill?!


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herpaderpadont t1_j1dknqy wrote

I don’t think “they” want us dependent on alcohol. I do think there are huge alcohol lobbyist that conspire to keep marijuana illegal in a lot of states.

I do think there are still stigmas held against marijuana especially by the older generation.


ADHD_NO_PHD t1_j1doxrw wrote

Oh boy… I wish I could tell everyone about my experience growing up in small Christian-wannabe town turned “ghetto” (I hope you know what I mean) and also going to a private Christian school by a HUUUUGE military base. The evangelicals are INSANE and there are a LOT. Nervous and anxious to their core, never leaving their bubble.

This is what weed being illegal and alcohol being legal represent to me. The patterns are too common and precise to be a coincidence. It’s narcissistic to the core.

These private Christian schools are basically trying to raise mini-ceos. These are frat boys. These are politicians. They’re becoming doctors. This is white nationalism. This is what’s keeping weed illegal. I want to be wrong. “town hall syndrome” is what me and my buddies that have come to the realization call it


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BreakfastX t1_j1e5reo wrote

I happen to live on a border town in Wisconsin and our local smoke shop carries D9 edibles. We even had a stall during our town summer festival selling them as well as smokables in the middle of it all. I never thought I'd live to see the day. First time I even heard of legally purchasable THC products in WI was while vacationing in the Dells and saw an ad for a shop next to the jerky place in the middle of the main tourist center. Now I know what that first guy to buy grass from Colorado felt like. Pretty sure I had the same expression on my face as he had in the photo.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_j1e9xt4 wrote

How is Delta 9 anyhow? I'm not too experienced with weed, so I don't know how it differs.


BreakfastX t1_j1ee4kc wrote

Granted I have very little experience with old fashioned cannabis derived THC, but Hemp derived D9 does the job well. An effective dose for me is about 20mg at 260lbs especially if I take it before a meal (as opposed to after).

I actually prefer D8 personally with an effective dose of 40mg. Feels much less fuzzy which allows me focus and enjoy movies or games like they're brand new even if I've seen them 100 times.

Unfortunately my local smoke shop is choosing to only stock D9 because it's "real" so my dwindling supply gets much less attention than I'd like.


curiosityasmedicine t1_j1enzm7 wrote

Check r/delta8 for recs on good brands you can order online. Personally I like Delta Farms, 3Chi, and Nature’s Purpose.


BreakfastX t1_j1fdfrp wrote

I'll check that out. For some reason the idea of ordering the devils lettuce across state borders via mail is still mind boggling to me.


curiosityasmedicine t1_j1fg1ee wrote

Some states have banned delta 8 but sounds like that’s not you since you have local shops selling! And the three brands I mentioned are reputable with their COAs. Before I moved to a state with legal recreational cannabis I ordered my D8 from those 3 places I mentioned. Hell, I still often prefer the D8 and D9 gummies I order online to anything local dispensaries sell.


warren_stupidity t1_j1e2cay wrote

The older generation now being boomers, almost all of whom have smoked pot.


Fringelunaticman t1_j1ee6n9 wrote

This is far from true. The hippies were a tiny tiny section of people in the 60s/70s. The vast majority didn't smoke pot when younger. This pew research shows just 4% had smoked pot in the year 1969.

Boomers are the biggest new consumers of cannabis but they doesn't mean they used in the 60s. Pop culture just makes you think they did because the hippies were the loudest group and most written about group of that time. Plus, they are idolized because of their anti-establishment ideas


ryanwalraven t1_j1epcgv wrote

This. Older folk like to take claim Rock n Roll, Woodstock, psychedelic art, and literature as part of their contributions to culture, but hippies were widely scorned and demonized at the time and the war of drugs was meant to criminalize their behavior.


MxEverett t1_j1equ5x wrote

By the mid 1970's this percentage was much higher.


Illustrious_Formal73 t1_j1epm44 wrote

Weed is still illegal for one reason

"You just expect me to admit that I've been wrong the past 50 years and ruined people's lives and should probably face repercussions for hiding the truth to cover my misdeads?"


bakedlayz t1_j1eobdx wrote

I think “they” do want us dependent and addicted to substances and hobbies that keep people living paycheck to paycheck.


Vladtheimpailer72 t1_j1ejrnb wrote

Correct. In Wi the Tavern League is a huge lobby and absolutely opposed to legalization.


FriedDickMan t1_j1dmqao wrote

It’s not a malicious conspiracy, it’s purely about money. If it was more profitable to keep people happy and healthy, they would.


sambull t1_j1dm0xk wrote

next you'll tell me they want to make my whole life a rental/subscription model


scootscooterson t1_j1e3zpj wrote

It’s Occam’s razor. Social conservatives are scared of drugs and there’s lots of money to be made in keeping drugs illegal. The general principle is don’t waste time on conspiracies when simple linear answers exist.


LumberSmurf t1_j1do7cg wrote

Isn't it funny how things that have serious withdrawals are legal? Not just alcohol either, look at many prescriptions. "they" are predators, they get people addicted and reap the profits. Think this "fentanyl" is just a coincidence? Just happens its right after they get caught massively over-prescribing opioids?


WhenSquirrelsFry t1_j1dwt93 wrote

Idk the longer we live the more we will spend. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, I just think it’s a byproduct of capitalism/greed. I’ve never had a doctor urge me to stay on a medication beyond it’s necessary treatment, and I have some significant medical issues. My doctors suggest things like acupuncture, physical therapy, meditation and mindfulness practices, and are hesitant to prescribe meds.


SEND-ME-FEET-P1CS t1_j1eecbn wrote

Not true, as we get to senior status, the government and businesses start having to pay for us to live. Not to mention we end up not being in shape to work and retire so theres really no use for people in a business sense once you hit retirement age, cant even have kids in most cases and the risk for mental diseases/illness drastically go up the older you get so that alone creates even more problems for bigwigs to have to pay more for assisted living


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SEND-ME-FEET-P1CS t1_j1eeqwq wrote

While I agree with your point that the government just wanted all forms of marijuana in general to be outlawed, if you think Reefer Madness wasnt a conspiracy against weed, then you need to actually look at what was contained in that footage. I mean for fucks sake the poster even shows people smoking pot with weird anti-weed slogans


Classic_Beautiful973 t1_j1efsnv wrote

Orders of magnitude less. You couldn't survive taking 50x the typical dosage if it wasn't the case. Active:lethal dose ratio is very often a direct predictor of the damage the drug is doing. That, how dissimilar it is to endogenous neurotransmitters, and how much the systems the interact with interfere with physiology. 4-ho-dmt aka psilocin, the metabolized version of psilocybin in mushrooms, is a structural cousin of tryptophan, is a selective agonist to a subtype of serotonin receptors associated primarily with non physiological functions like mood, perception, cognition, sense of self, and has a LD50 on the order of dried pounds.

Literally in rats about 3g mushrooms per kg of rat for LD50. That's basically going to be more plant material than you could even bring yourself to swallow before puking. Still risky in other ways, especially without a sitter, or inexperienced taking too much, but outcomes tend to be net positive or neutral when taken with care. Sometimes even people who take way too much with no experience make it through with borderline miraculous experiences like Paul Stamets stutter cessation and some cases of nerve growth repair. And certainly at least temporary remission of depression, anxiety, pain disorders, and other semi-common mental illnesses. Can't say the same for alcohol, or any other significant drug sans cannabis.

More dangerous substances tend to interact with the broad spectrum of a neurotransmitter, or multiple, usually with dopamine, GABA, norepinephrine, or opioid, some adrenaline ones. Or in the case of alcohol, GABA + NMDA iirc. And anyone who knows drugs knows that combining those two classes together is extremely risky, but that's just what alcohol is naturally.

NMDA (antagonists) in isolation are also interesting because it basically just affects south of the head nerve function. Hence, anesthesia and dissociative anesthetic experiences that are powerful but still have a pretty wide range of potential survivable dose compared to alcohol, although less than HT-2A-based stuff and cannabis. Often dangerous things are reputable inhibitors which just trick existing signals to stay rather than introducing cousins of what's already there that fits the same key hole. And when receptors and endogenous agonists downregulate to try to bring you back to hemeostasis, after which the false "on" switch is removed, your physiological systems start to have issues because of not enough signaling. By contrast, HT-2A agonists like psilocybin have even been shown to stimulate nerve and neuron growth through a similar pathway that light cardio does.

But anyway, I'm no neuroscientist and this stuff gets confusing very quickly. But to reduce it, alcohol is basically one of the most dangerous drugs there is, especially because it's culturally sanctioned, easily available, and liquid at room temp, therefore comes across as less harmful. The preparations for other drugs are just much more unique by comparison to alcohol being little different than pouring a ginger ale


edtoal t1_j1i8cyc wrote

You mention surviving 50x typical dosage and then reference LD50. Is there a correlation between these two or is the number 50 just a coincidence?


FidelityDeficit t1_j1iq0vi wrote

LD50 is the dose of a given substance required to kill 50% of the test population.

So yes, coincidence.


edtoal t1_j1jiisy wrote

Thanks for replying. I know what LD50 is, I’m wondering if Classic_Beautiful973 does.


unlocked_axis02 t1_j1fxylg wrote

Yeah I’m starting to realize I almost definitely have bad anxiety ,and honestly when I get checked I’m hoping to get my card afterwards since I suck at swallowing pills and at least in theory it sounds like it would be better since weed and things like cbd extract as far as i know doesn’t have as many side effects and if I need other meds later it may not effect them as much.


lrp347 t1_j1go2q1 wrote

Low dose is key because marijuana can increase anxiety. I keep around 5mg THC and am relaxed and have no extra anxiety afterwards.


unlocked_axis02 t1_j1gvr1b wrote

Definitely I know people who early on when they first started trying weed accidentally set off panic attacks from taking to much so the best results is a low dose I’m pretty small so a low dose is especially important to have


badchad65 t1_j1daaaq wrote

A comparator group would have done this study wonders.


Aardark235 t1_j1hfyvn wrote

They did comparisons to just cannabis and oral by themselves and found the combination was more effective.


willydajackass t1_j1d1vd8 wrote

Any trial with weed just has a bunch of happy people sitting around eating all the snacks too damn high to notice any negative side effects. Stop harassing my buzz bro!


[deleted] t1_j1c62pg wrote

Oral cannabis products, opposed to all those other methods


diagnosedwolf t1_j1cfu4c wrote

Oral as opposed to inhalation. Australia has A Thing about inhalation drugs. Cigarettes are so heavily taxed that a pack of 25 costs around $50. A pack a day smoker would spend more than $12k per year in Australia.

There has been a lot of resistance to the idea of just replacing tobacco with weed in case it sends lung conditions back to number 1 place on our death list. Studies about other methods of delivering cannabis to your body are really useful to dispel some of the doubt.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1d94i6 wrote

No one would smoke 25 joints per day to replace a tobacco habit. That’s bonkers.

Anyway. Boof it.


Riisiichan t1_j1dcc9t wrote

> Boof it.

Is that you Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

Hunting for your next Devil’s Triangle I see…


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1degx4 wrote

Oh no. Boof = butt. I’m old school, unlike that fellow and his chums who’ve all got oral fixations and have filled their calendar with events in which they funnel booze into their gullets and scar young women for life.


CuteDerpster t1_j1e2081 wrote

Boofing may actually make it less effective.

Sure, more thc enters your bloodstream, but an important thing for oral cannabis is the first pass metabolism where thc is converted to 11-OH-THC, which is just as, if not even more psychoactive than thc.

Boofing may be as short lived as inhalation, while oral consumption works for hours on end.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e52ns wrote

I actually don’t have enough of that enzyme that does the conversion so it takes about 4 hours for me to feel any effect and then I am extremely high for about 3 days. My first experience with oral administration was an absolute living nightmare where I was unable to leave what I thought was a sofa for days. Turns out it was an unassembled ikea futon, essentially a pile of boards that I laid on for 72 hours as people came and went all around me.


CuteDerpster t1_j1e6718 wrote

Yeah that sounds horrible.

Considering my body has some weird kinks with methylation and breakdown of estrogen metabolites.... Maybe I should do an ultra low dose the first time I try edibles x) do NOT want to experience a 3 day trip.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e7hta wrote

It’s Cytochrome P450, a liver enzyme. So you may be completely fine.


CuteDerpster t1_j1ed6vb wrote

Erm..... Yes, the enzyme to metabolize estrogen in the liver is also of the cyp 450 family.

Cyp (450) 3a4.

Cyp3a4 as well as cyp2c9 are the ones responsible for thc metabolism.

Both of the cytochrome 450 family.


imasitegazer t1_j1edy5t wrote

Did you learn this through genetic testing?


CuteDerpster t1_j1eif05 wrote

This I learned by googling.

My issues with methylation I noticed when I took methylsulfonymethan for skin and nail benefits and it really messed me up x)

As for my issues with estrogen..... I have to take endogenous estrogen, and despite very low doses, my blood levels were sky high, way higher than they should be.


imasitegazer t1_j1ep285 wrote

I have high estrogen and low progesterone so I take progesterone for two weeks of the month.

I’ve heard of genetic testing for the MTHER gene, so I was wondering if the Cyp450 was a similar test.


legandaryhon t1_j1ehe3h wrote

You haven't met my roommates, then.

(It's not replacing a tobacco habit, to be fair)


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OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e6v0q wrote

How do they feel about inhaled medicines like albuterol? Or inhaled corticosteroids? My sister lives in Brisbane and just had a severe asthma episode. Does the inhaled drug stigma extend to those drugs?

I used to smoke 25 cigarettes per day. I did quit 15 years ago. And granted, I didn’t replace it with anything at the time, I couldn’t fathom attempting a 1:1 replacement with joints. I didn’t try marijuana until my 40s in order to address medical issues. People with epilepsy and cancer who need round the clock relief usually don’t rely on inhaled THC anyhow because it’s short acting.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1g3nxg wrote

The stigma is attached to COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Having COPD is a big problem, and causes a huge strain the on healthcare system. If you “give yourself” COPD, it’s seen as an unfair burden to society.

Asthma medications are not included in this stigma, because they don’t cause COPD, they treat it. That said, Ventolin (which causes COPD with extended use) is not as readily prescribed in Australia as it is in some other countries. It’s used only as an acute treatment, not as a preventative treatment. The inhaled corticosteroids are preferred even though they have other, sometimes severe, side effects.

There is also an oral asthma medication that is very en vogue in Australia right now.


Puzzleheaded-Ad-5002 t1_j1ee51r wrote

I have known plenty of people who smoke 25+ cigarettes per day. When I was a smoker I thought I was atypical because I’d smoke about 1/2 of a 20 pack each day. I know several 2 packs a day smokers.


lostcauz707 t1_j1dj95u wrote

I'd be more worried it would affect obesity more.


JonesP77 t1_j1csbff wrote

Easy solution. Just use a vaporizer for weed.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1cte5m wrote

That’s still an inhalation method. Anything other than air - whether it’s water vapour or wood smoke or literally any other kind of air pollutant - inhaled into the lungs increases the incidence of lung disease. Australia has A Thing about inhalants.


JonesP77 t1_j1eryre wrote

We never inhale just air, there is always dirt and dust. As long as they are not toxic our lungs can handle that.


Magerune t1_j1f1brg wrote

Quantities matter.

Work somewhere that dust is visible and don’t wear a dust mask and tell me how well your body handles it.

Vape is VISIBLE particulate, if you think it isn’t gumming up peoples lungs while still being “non toxic” you are kidding yourself.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1fgls9 wrote

They are toxic. Our lungs have defence mechanisms designed to prevent us inhaling dirt and dust. The mucocilia escalator in your lungs, plus an army of white blood cells, work hard to keep your lungs clean.

The problem is that you’re only equipped to deal with a very small amount of dirt and dust. And even then, you get damage. This is how your lungs wear out over the course of your life. Inhaling smoke, city air, water vapour - it all wears your lungs out faster.


VR6SLC t1_j1c87h8 wrote

I've been taking mine as a suppository. Just shove some trees in my keister. Am I doing it wrong?


365wong t1_j1cc9rz wrote

You joke but the dispensary has this option.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1d9d6f wrote

I’m headed there today to get the vaginal suppositories. Got me some serious cramps.


365wong t1_j1dba7f wrote

I don’t have a uterus or vagina but I do think that’s the purpose.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1dby2i wrote

Yeppers! That why the pharmacist recommended them. Also, they zoot you to Jupiter if you put them in your butt. :)


rsb_david t1_j1cg33n wrote

I’ve seen delta 8 lube in a smoke shop, so I am not surprised.


whocares12315 t1_j1cs62l wrote



gunk-scribe t1_j1cscyh wrote

Tingles the gonads. Opens up previously unexplored dimensions of tactile pleasure. Or so I’ve been led to believe. Never used it myself.


Rombledore t1_j1cf6zw wrote

rectal valium exists because the walls of your rectum are really good at absorbing the valium into the blood stream (diastat- rectal valium for use when your having a siezure and need it to stop pronto).i would thing an rectum cannabis would be just as fast acting so there's merit to a suppository dosage form.


harrybigdipper t1_j1cgu35 wrote

Tried this method with coke once after not being able to get any more up my nose. The pain was immense.


pete_68 t1_j1cxxs1 wrote

Seems to me you'd get high faster with a vaporizer. All that time unpacking, getting your pants down, getting it in, getting pants back on.

Nah, I'll vape.


imnotyourbuddypal666 t1_j1ccfya wrote

Better start locking up all the weed smoking degenerates. All the people who inject weeds too


[deleted] t1_j1ccjkv wrote

Imagine injecting thc when you’ve really got that full addiction going


umumgeet t1_j1c4cgd wrote

Why isn't this legal yet anywhere globally?


imnotyourbuddypal666 t1_j1cbfen wrote

Because some fat cracker jack with stakes in the nylon industry existed almost 100 years ago


estranho t1_j1c7wq9 wrote

It's fully legal in over 2/3rds of North America. Several other countries, and many localities have either legalized or decriminalized it.


three_furballs t1_j1cmatt wrote

It is for sure in much of the US pacific northwest. Just go into any dispensary and ask to see the tinctures.


mr_doppertunity t1_j1d1m2e wrote

Barring “hurr durr Big Beer lobby” and “weed banned cuz racism in 60s”, it’s not studied thoroughly yet. For now we know that smoking weed before an individual turns 25 hurts brain development with repercussions still unknown. And I guarantee you kids will be smoking joints since school. Alcohol, due to its effect and withdrawal effects, is too strong of a drug to be used as regularly by a random individual comparing to weed, so please don’t bring it to discussion.

Edit: Oh no, I hurt the Big Weed feelings.


swllc t1_j1e24cq wrote

Citation 31 from the PLOS study:

>Regular recreational users according to the Australian National Alcohol and Drug Knowledgebase (NADK) [31] use 150-250mg THC per day with unknown concentrations and doses of the hundreds of other cannabinoids, including CBD.

This seems quite extreme with the citation linked stating that 76% report < 5 "cones/joints/bongs used per occasion" and only 14% report usage of "every day". This citation isn't particularly relevant to the study other than to compare the dosage prescribed vs. 'average', but data point seems off nonetheless.



_Asparagus_ t1_j1e8jk7 wrote

Yeah 150-250mg seems a little crazy for regular recreational use. When I used to use edibles a single 15mg definutely did the trick for me. Maybe I'm a lightweight but I can't even fathom what 10, let alone 16 of those would do to me holy fookin shite


Wittis t1_j1eib2i wrote

I go through a tincture of ~1000mg of d8 THC in ~3 days.


CrusaderOfTruth t1_j1ejzfg wrote

And you're a functioning adult?! Like a job and pay bills with real sponsabilities?


Mammoth_Rain3248 t1_j1eqz45 wrote

Higher tolerance is a thing. His body is used to it at this point


DraigMcGuinness t1_j1fjrfs wrote

Just like how heavy drinkers seem to be able to drink more with less effects.


morgz18 t1_j1g9vpe wrote

Plus Delta 8 has a different effect than THC. When I’ve taken it before in gummy version, it’s had little to now effect on my head, it’s mostly body high.


berryjewse t1_j1ekmlo wrote

Their Reddit name is Wittis but their human name is Shaggy and they have a pet dawg named Scooby and their functioning adult lives are hunting criminals


D4ltaOne t1_j1eepwr wrote

I used to smoke 1g/day. Assume its 10% THC, thats 100mg easily.


CrusaderOfTruth t1_j1ea4e9 wrote

Seriously, those numbers are so messed up. I ingest fairly often, not every single day, and 10mg is a nice high. If I was taking 150-250mg a day I would be convinced life isn't real.


AllhandsOnHarry t1_j1eavzb wrote

I can't even imagine what that much would do. I usually take like 15mg at night and it does the trick. One time I took 20-25mg and I could barely walk straight.


xQuizate87 t1_j1eqt0m wrote

No smoking. Eat your greens.


leafandvine89 t1_j1fsgam wrote

It has made my life with Long haul Lyme Disease and Multiple Sclerosis livable again. My husband and I make our own oil and put it into capsules that I take nightly to help with neurological, muscular, and joint pain. I'll never have to go back to opioids.


GiantGapingButthole t1_j1g6w36 wrote

This is not a well controlled study. I’m not opposed to legalization or recreational use, but I have yet to see evidence that corroborates the safety and efficacy to the degree this paper does. I think there are neuropsychiatric effects that can be problematic, and I see that having watched tons of people get hospitalized due to unmasked bipolar disorder and psychosis; depressed patients with insomnia with sleep architecture that is likely worsened by cannabis. Weed should be decriminalized, and it should be regulated imo. We don’t know enough about it.


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_j1e2kb6 wrote

it's almost like they keep it illegal at a federal level to generate ad rev from clickbait. they've studied it for 100yrs now it's an effective medicine.


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tornpentacle t1_j1cfmq0 wrote

Mods, please ignore my report. On my first read, I missed the quote from the researchers about safety. Given the source, I was (perhaps understandably) suspicious of the enthusiasm.


AtuinTurtle t1_j1dv8kw wrote

Mine have made a world of difference for my health.


gandolfthe t1_j1et0p5 wrote

I've been making cannabis tinctures for almost 10 years now.

It is wonderful to have a selection and I can set the dose. Need to workout, well six drops of this one. Want to murder a range rover driver, I need 12 drops of this one to chill. Want to extra enjoy a movie well it's time for 18 drops of this one...


ImaginaryMairi t1_j1f62q2 wrote

Anyone know the best oral products? I've been smoking daily for a few years now and have tried edibles but they've never worked, so I'm curious if anyone has had the same experience/found a healthier alternative


sunplaysbass t1_j1ftbqq wrote

Edibles change into a different active chemical through digestion that’s longer lasting and often heavier / trippy. But it screws up my sleep. There is more of a hangover than with smoking / vaping. Setting aside lung damage.


cellenium125 t1_j1g41ib wrote

They make me go insane and not feel right for a month. Maybe good for some people but be ware.


Tshoe77 t1_j1ktsyq wrote

I'd like to see that with dry herb vape. That is informative, but yea those little liquid cart vapes are obviously not considered super well


venomousbones t1_j1e5h1o wrote

I saw an article recently saying that cannabis does not have any pain relieving effects other than people's perception


AllhandsOnHarry t1_j1eb7jj wrote

Your perception is all that matters, though. Perception of pain is perception of pain? How much pain do you perceive while high? Less. Perception.


Hanifsefu t1_j1ffwo8 wrote

I went in to look at the study that the article was based on. The results were essentially that there was a significant placebo effect in their double blind trials where people on placebos reported significant pain reduction. They also made a connection between usually high media attention on the subject to the significant placebo effects they observed.

They ultimate conclude there is a gap in the current research that needs to be filled by high-quality clinical trials before they can recommend it for pain relief.

It seems legitimate unfortunately but it still is just a call for more research on the subject which is exactly what it needs and that research will just give us a more complete picture on why it works.


AllhandsOnHarry t1_j1fider wrote

Not sure how you could possibly have a placebo group for a psychoactive substance. Like you are 100% going to know if you got a large dose of thc.


Hanifsefu t1_j1g60s4 wrote

Thankfully the world of science isn't limited to just your understanding otherwise we'd never be able to study anything.

"I don't understand it" is not even a real argument. That's just burying your head in the sand refusing to learn and assuming everything outside of your bubble of knowledge can't be true.


AllhandsOnHarry t1_j1gfh1j wrote

What an incredibly rude reply. I honestly feel bad for you.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j1flj9s wrote

No it doesn't. By that logic religion (praying for less pain) is an effective pain relief technique. Drugs are classified according to their actual effects on people, not on people who convinced themselves to stop feeling pain independent of the drug with a placebo effect.


Phoenix042 t1_j1ebw5d wrote

But pain itself is a perception...

Altering that perception is the important part of treating pain. Blocking pain receptors is irrelevant in comparison.


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j1flrae wrote

If you can will yourself to perceive less pain independent of the drug then you don't need the drug. Substitute a sugar pill and convince yourself to feel less pain the same way. That's what the placebo effect is.

If you were developing a new pain medication and in a clinical study you found that 50% of the control group felt less pain and 50% of the group who took your drug felt less pain, you would classify your drug as ineffective, because it doesn't do anything. Not as 50% effective because everyone felt less pain.


Somebody__Online t1_j1el3x1 wrote

Are you perceiving pain? Smoke this, now are you perceiving less pain?

Seems like it’s working to manage pain then


Flashdancer405 t1_j1esi68 wrote

Too bad the federal government is 50 years behind the times


Ok_Lie_3330 t1_j1fdcax wrote

Maybe you can help me out then. They don’t work on me, have eaten 700mg of California state gummies 3 or 4 times and it never worked. My buddy told me you have to not smoke for a day or two prior, but that doesn’t sound right. Pothead supposed to go 2 days without just to get zooted?


[deleted] t1_j1c41gd wrote



ScienceOverNonsense t1_j1c7ory wrote

If you read the article you would know that it was published in PLOS ONE, an open-access, peer reviewed journal. Norml merely reported a summary.


WilliamMinorsWords t1_j1c7s13 wrote

So post that. Primary sources are always more credible.


95knolan t1_j1cep10 wrote

Or read the article before you review it ?


briancoat t1_j1c8456 wrote



[deleted] t1_j1c89ic wrote



Bequeath_Thine_Booty t1_j1c8xwb wrote

Google it yourself?


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The rules state that a media summary of a peer reviewed article is acceptable. If the submitted article doesn't link the peer-reviewed article directly (this article does) then you're supposed to leave a comment to the peer-reviewed source.


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You think the guy who didn’t read the article read the rules?


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The ole, 'I've got a chance to call someone out for a bad title but then it backfired!' routine.