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VR6SLC t1_j1c87h8 wrote

I've been taking mine as a suppository. Just shove some trees in my keister. Am I doing it wrong?


365wong t1_j1cc9rz wrote

You joke but the dispensary has this option.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1d9d6f wrote

I’m headed there today to get the vaginal suppositories. Got me some serious cramps.


365wong t1_j1dba7f wrote

I don’t have a uterus or vagina but I do think that’s the purpose.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1dby2i wrote

Yeppers! That why the pharmacist recommended them. Also, they zoot you to Jupiter if you put them in your butt. :)


rsb_david t1_j1cg33n wrote

I’ve seen delta 8 lube in a smoke shop, so I am not surprised.


whocares12315 t1_j1cs62l wrote



gunk-scribe t1_j1cscyh wrote

Tingles the gonads. Opens up previously unexplored dimensions of tactile pleasure. Or so I’ve been led to believe. Never used it myself.


Rombledore t1_j1cf6zw wrote

rectal valium exists because the walls of your rectum are really good at absorbing the valium into the blood stream (diastat- rectal valium for use when your having a siezure and need it to stop pronto).i would thing an rectum cannabis would be just as fast acting so there's merit to a suppository dosage form.


harrybigdipper t1_j1cgu35 wrote

Tried this method with coke once after not being able to get any more up my nose. The pain was immense.


pete_68 t1_j1cxxs1 wrote

Seems to me you'd get high faster with a vaporizer. All that time unpacking, getting your pants down, getting it in, getting pants back on.

Nah, I'll vape.