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diagnosedwolf t1_j1cfu4c wrote

Oral as opposed to inhalation. Australia has A Thing about inhalation drugs. Cigarettes are so heavily taxed that a pack of 25 costs around $50. A pack a day smoker would spend more than $12k per year in Australia.

There has been a lot of resistance to the idea of just replacing tobacco with weed in case it sends lung conditions back to number 1 place on our death list. Studies about other methods of delivering cannabis to your body are really useful to dispel some of the doubt.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1d94i6 wrote

No one would smoke 25 joints per day to replace a tobacco habit. That’s bonkers.

Anyway. Boof it.


Riisiichan t1_j1dcc9t wrote

> Boof it.

Is that you Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

Hunting for your next Devil’s Triangle I see…


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1degx4 wrote

Oh no. Boof = butt. I’m old school, unlike that fellow and his chums who’ve all got oral fixations and have filled their calendar with events in which they funnel booze into their gullets and scar young women for life.


CuteDerpster t1_j1e2081 wrote

Boofing may actually make it less effective.

Sure, more thc enters your bloodstream, but an important thing for oral cannabis is the first pass metabolism where thc is converted to 11-OH-THC, which is just as, if not even more psychoactive than thc.

Boofing may be as short lived as inhalation, while oral consumption works for hours on end.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e52ns wrote

I actually don’t have enough of that enzyme that does the conversion so it takes about 4 hours for me to feel any effect and then I am extremely high for about 3 days. My first experience with oral administration was an absolute living nightmare where I was unable to leave what I thought was a sofa for days. Turns out it was an unassembled ikea futon, essentially a pile of boards that I laid on for 72 hours as people came and went all around me.


CuteDerpster t1_j1e6718 wrote

Yeah that sounds horrible.

Considering my body has some weird kinks with methylation and breakdown of estrogen metabolites.... Maybe I should do an ultra low dose the first time I try edibles x) do NOT want to experience a 3 day trip.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e7hta wrote

It’s Cytochrome P450, a liver enzyme. So you may be completely fine.


CuteDerpster t1_j1ed6vb wrote

Erm..... Yes, the enzyme to metabolize estrogen in the liver is also of the cyp 450 family.

Cyp (450) 3a4.

Cyp3a4 as well as cyp2c9 are the ones responsible for thc metabolism.

Both of the cytochrome 450 family.


imasitegazer t1_j1edy5t wrote

Did you learn this through genetic testing?


CuteDerpster t1_j1eif05 wrote

This I learned by googling.

My issues with methylation I noticed when I took methylsulfonymethan for skin and nail benefits and it really messed me up x)

As for my issues with estrogen..... I have to take endogenous estrogen, and despite very low doses, my blood levels were sky high, way higher than they should be.


imasitegazer t1_j1ep285 wrote

I have high estrogen and low progesterone so I take progesterone for two weeks of the month.

I’ve heard of genetic testing for the MTHER gene, so I was wondering if the Cyp450 was a similar test.


legandaryhon t1_j1ehe3h wrote

You haven't met my roommates, then.

(It's not replacing a tobacco habit, to be fair)


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OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e6v0q wrote

How do they feel about inhaled medicines like albuterol? Or inhaled corticosteroids? My sister lives in Brisbane and just had a severe asthma episode. Does the inhaled drug stigma extend to those drugs?

I used to smoke 25 cigarettes per day. I did quit 15 years ago. And granted, I didn’t replace it with anything at the time, I couldn’t fathom attempting a 1:1 replacement with joints. I didn’t try marijuana until my 40s in order to address medical issues. People with epilepsy and cancer who need round the clock relief usually don’t rely on inhaled THC anyhow because it’s short acting.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1g3nxg wrote

The stigma is attached to COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Having COPD is a big problem, and causes a huge strain the on healthcare system. If you “give yourself” COPD, it’s seen as an unfair burden to society.

Asthma medications are not included in this stigma, because they don’t cause COPD, they treat it. That said, Ventolin (which causes COPD with extended use) is not as readily prescribed in Australia as it is in some other countries. It’s used only as an acute treatment, not as a preventative treatment. The inhaled corticosteroids are preferred even though they have other, sometimes severe, side effects.

There is also an oral asthma medication that is very en vogue in Australia right now.


Puzzleheaded-Ad-5002 t1_j1ee51r wrote

I have known plenty of people who smoke 25+ cigarettes per day. When I was a smoker I thought I was atypical because I’d smoke about 1/2 of a 20 pack each day. I know several 2 packs a day smokers.


lostcauz707 t1_j1dj95u wrote

I'd be more worried it would affect obesity more.


JonesP77 t1_j1csbff wrote

Easy solution. Just use a vaporizer for weed.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1cte5m wrote

That’s still an inhalation method. Anything other than air - whether it’s water vapour or wood smoke or literally any other kind of air pollutant - inhaled into the lungs increases the incidence of lung disease. Australia has A Thing about inhalants.


JonesP77 t1_j1eryre wrote

We never inhale just air, there is always dirt and dust. As long as they are not toxic our lungs can handle that.


Magerune t1_j1f1brg wrote

Quantities matter.

Work somewhere that dust is visible and don’t wear a dust mask and tell me how well your body handles it.

Vape is VISIBLE particulate, if you think it isn’t gumming up peoples lungs while still being “non toxic” you are kidding yourself.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1fgls9 wrote

They are toxic. Our lungs have defence mechanisms designed to prevent us inhaling dirt and dust. The mucocilia escalator in your lungs, plus an army of white blood cells, work hard to keep your lungs clean.

The problem is that you’re only equipped to deal with a very small amount of dirt and dust. And even then, you get damage. This is how your lungs wear out over the course of your life. Inhaling smoke, city air, water vapour - it all wears your lungs out faster.