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diagnosedwolf t1_j1cte5m wrote

That’s still an inhalation method. Anything other than air - whether it’s water vapour or wood smoke or literally any other kind of air pollutant - inhaled into the lungs increases the incidence of lung disease. Australia has A Thing about inhalants.


JonesP77 t1_j1eryre wrote

We never inhale just air, there is always dirt and dust. As long as they are not toxic our lungs can handle that.


Magerune t1_j1f1brg wrote

Quantities matter.

Work somewhere that dust is visible and don’t wear a dust mask and tell me how well your body handles it.

Vape is VISIBLE particulate, if you think it isn’t gumming up peoples lungs while still being “non toxic” you are kidding yourself.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1fgls9 wrote

They are toxic. Our lungs have defence mechanisms designed to prevent us inhaling dirt and dust. The mucocilia escalator in your lungs, plus an army of white blood cells, work hard to keep your lungs clean.

The problem is that you’re only equipped to deal with a very small amount of dirt and dust. And even then, you get damage. This is how your lungs wear out over the course of your life. Inhaling smoke, city air, water vapour - it all wears your lungs out faster.