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OneHumanPeOple t1_j1e6v0q wrote

How do they feel about inhaled medicines like albuterol? Or inhaled corticosteroids? My sister lives in Brisbane and just had a severe asthma episode. Does the inhaled drug stigma extend to those drugs?

I used to smoke 25 cigarettes per day. I did quit 15 years ago. And granted, I didn’t replace it with anything at the time, I couldn’t fathom attempting a 1:1 replacement with joints. I didn’t try marijuana until my 40s in order to address medical issues. People with epilepsy and cancer who need round the clock relief usually don’t rely on inhaled THC anyhow because it’s short acting.


diagnosedwolf t1_j1g3nxg wrote

The stigma is attached to COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Having COPD is a big problem, and causes a huge strain the on healthcare system. If you “give yourself” COPD, it’s seen as an unfair burden to society.

Asthma medications are not included in this stigma, because they don’t cause COPD, they treat it. That said, Ventolin (which causes COPD with extended use) is not as readily prescribed in Australia as it is in some other countries. It’s used only as an acute treatment, not as a preventative treatment. The inhaled corticosteroids are preferred even though they have other, sometimes severe, side effects.

There is also an oral asthma medication that is very en vogue in Australia right now.