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dont_tase_me_bro_ t1_j24a98f wrote

That's right, I already can't take care of myself at 38, so I don't know why I would add a pet to the problem. In 10 years I might be a hoarder living in his own feces so why would I add those of a dog?


thruster_fuel69 t1_j24p8mm wrote

What's funny to me is, replace pet with unexpected child, and you've got a new moral policy for parenthood.


smurficus103 t1_j26flqm wrote

This is also true. After struggling financially with one child for so long, we could not opt to have more


Baardhooft t1_j2707zi wrote

It’s a weird one, because I can’t take care of myself either but you bet your ass I did everything for my cats and dogs. Having someone to take care of and look forward to is so amazing. I haven’t owned a pet in years now and those have been my hardest years when it comes to dealing with struggles. Animals are amazing at providing comfort.


rbz90 t1_j26lfv5 wrote

Can you really not take care of yourself?


dont_tase_me_bro_ t1_j2di8rz wrote

I'm still alive and relatively healthy, so I can to a large extent, but like for many people very simple daily life stuff can be too much sometimes.