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Zozorrr t1_j2615q5 wrote

It may be a classic case of unidirectional causation not simply bidirectional correlation.

We don’t know yet. If you think there is anything here indicating it’s not causal - go ahead and articulate it


jack_12j t1_j2du7n9 wrote

“While the longitudinal associations in our study are compelling, the design of the study did not allow us to demonstrate a cause-and-effect relationship,” Braley explained. “Additional prospective work that includes information on strength of the human-animal bond and its effect on cognitive trajectories, and incorporates study of biological mechanisms that could mediate this relationship, are still needed.” (Braley is Tiffany J. Braley--one of the authors.)

This can be an interesting finding and a prompt for further research, but I absolutely agree with a caution about turning correlation into causation. The burden of proof should be on the affirmative.

Also, it's difficult to have a well-informed debate because the link is to an article about the paper--not the paper itself.