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CaymanRich t1_izkf0ps wrote

So that’s why I’m having trouble selling my house for $599,999.95


iceyed913 t1_izkhlyd wrote

It's good ya know, but it's not 600k level good


eulynn34 t1_izlermo wrote

Doesn’t everyone just round up the price in their head? When I see something is $4.99, I say “that’s five dollars”. $199,900 would be 200k to me.


AwwwComeOnLOU t1_izlxzgr wrote

3s and 8s are sweet spots.

180,000 does not feel high enough to be in the 200s.

Also 230,000 is still in the low 200s.

3s and 8s let you get as high as you can with out crossing the psychological line.


PoutinierATrou t1_izm81ru wrote

The first house I made an offer on was listed at $399,900.00, so we just sent an offer of $400,000.00

We were only outbid by 20 people. House sold for $551,000.00


FranticPonE t1_izmtudh wrote

The "999" effect, as I'll call it here, is well established. Sell something for one dollar, or even one cent, less and you're very likely to sell more. It sounds stupid, but never bet against people being stupid.

Here it's reversed. Seems for some items people want to emphasize the idea of the item being valuable, rather than the idea that they're saving money. So the effect is inverted. I wonder if that's true for other classes of items? Is it true for say, luxury items? For other things perceived as "investments"?


tornpentacle t1_iznd7wv wrote

Value ≠ valuable. Value refers to quality of goods relative to price. "Valuable" means "worth a lot of money".


SeeTreeMe t1_izm0cy0 wrote

I know a few people who will round down instead for whatever reason when telling me a price,


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LurkingLarry43 t1_izkpz1d wrote

This is counter to how you undercut in MMOs.