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66mph t1_izp1tv2 wrote

It's also being used to create a new flu vaccine. Hubby and I are phase 3 test participants. The mRNA technology can produce more vaccine material faster than previous technologies, allowing the most current flu strains to be targeted. Exciting stuff.


Iapetus7 t1_izwk294 wrote

From what I understand, they're also using the same tech to develop a universal flu vaccine, meaning you'd only need one set of shots to protect against severe disease from all flu strains.


66mph t1_izx7iuf wrote

If they can find a common protein like they did with the Covid spikes, that seems like the best case scenario to me.


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66mph t1_izq85ly wrote

We received a shot but don't know if it was the experimental vaccine or the standard flu shot. We'll get tested for antibodies in a couple of months to find out if the vaccine was effective and which one we received. Symptoms were mild tenderness for a couple of days, same as any other flu shot.


alurkerhere t1_izqby7h wrote

Does it combine more than the prevalent 4 flu strains going around? I believe it's 2 flu A and 2 flu B.


66mph t1_izqe6yd wrote

I know it targets the more prevalent current strains but I don't know how many are in the study shot.