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TankSparkle t1_iznhlkr wrote

being large is unhealthy

Edit: "The premise that larger body size leads to reduction in lifespan longevity has generally been substantiated through scientific research over the past 40 years." For example, Samaras’ research suggests smaller body size is generally better for one’s health, and is supported by robust cross-cultural findings of average lifespan reduction with increasing height observed in groups such as deceased American male veterans [2], French males and females who died before the year 1861 [3, 4] and males born in Sardinia, Italy between 1866 and 1915 [5]. Thus, Samaras’ overarching conclusion suggests health practitioners should de-emphasize the association between wellbeing and increased height [6], despite this being somewhat counterintuitive to society’s belief of increased height being a by-product of a healthy lifestyle [7]. Nevertheless, the relationship between height and quality of life (particularly early to midlife) and eminence/higher social status may be less clear and different than the height-mortality link, where quality of life is more socially constructed and mortality is more biologically linked to health."