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uasoil123 t1_j0ytmgu wrote

That seems like humans that are social animals needing social interactions vs just being married


_Blackstar t1_j0yvavg wrote

Go spend more time with your parents, especially if they're widowed? Got it!


Robot-Candy t1_j1066xy wrote

Agreed. Social interaction isn’t only being married, but marriage gets pushed pretty hard anyway. Quick everyone get married or you’ll go insane!


iceyed913 t1_j12v9p5 wrote

It's not like the research could have picked up that those with predementia and or other health factors predisposing to cognitive decline in middle age are likelier to end up unmarried. Loneliness is horrible, but given the right cognitive functioning it should not even occur in the first place.


magloo999 t1_j11o9gb wrote

yeah definitely more so about having community and engagement than about marital status. but i’m sure marital status can impact one’s opportunities for socializing in old age