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DopeDetective t1_j1elhmm wrote

a narcissist can be very kind & generous to the outside world. they can be the most helpful person in the room. they might even be deeply involved with volunteer work or the church.

it's all about building an image. but they're cruel to their own families behind doors. it also shields them if their victims ever come forward, no one really believes someone so nice could be so bad.


drakens6 t1_j1et06i wrote

Not always, sometimes they keep it from even their families and reflect all of the cognitive dissonance inward, resulting in a "ticking time bomb" scenario


tankyogremagi t1_j1f6zqi wrote

hey man, some of us reason ourselves through things and not become the unibomber. addressing oneselve's cognitive dissonance is almost required to learn how to change yourself. little by little.


midri t1_j1glx9h wrote

It's so weird being a narcissist that believes deeply in the idea of socialism. The only people that really get the brunt (I'm neglectful to the point it's almost a defining trait...) of my narcism are my family members though, so sorta makes sense. So weird being narcissistic, but selfaware...


danSTILLtheman t1_j1he4xv wrote

The only time a political view or ideology really makes someone seem like a generous person is if they’re comparing it to another less generous ideology. That’s usually in a conversation where a person can easily try to act like they’re taking the moral high ground. They could still be a huge asshole though


Jackers83 t1_j1fm0r1 wrote

That’s an interesting way to put it. I would agree with you.


Wingkirs t1_j1frijk wrote

Absolutely this. The love bombing before the rug gets pulled out from underneath you.


mari815 t1_j1g9xgz wrote

A good indicator of a narcissist who is generous is if they don’t get the narcissistic supply they are being generous for…they will angrily demand the gift back.

A truly generous person gives and doesn’t want anything in return


Moal t1_j1hamwe wrote

This rings very true for me. I grew up with a narcissist father who makes obnoxiously showy acts of generosity. But behind the scenes, he’s screaming, throwing tantrums, and calling me names for refusing to give him thousands of dollars for him to spend on others to show off his “generosity.”