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CrisiwSandwich t1_j1f8ctj wrote

My aunt is a really generous narcissist. She's done really terrible things like lying about people, causing huge scenes, stealing, starts fights, abandoned her kid for days to get high. She has a habit of always wanting to monopolize everyone's time so she can cry or get rides. She's the kind of person that will show up at your house 5-6days a week uninvited sometimes multiple times a day for hours at at time. She'll say things like as a host you should entertain her her or bring her water. Often times she needs something big done for her at the end of it like a ride or pet sitting or some favor. If you try to limit how often she comes over or explain that you have a life too she will cry or call you selfish. She also feels entitled to full forgiveness basically as soon as she says sorry. Like she let her kid at a friends house with no explanation of where she went after for a week so she could do crack and after 2 weeks sober was enraged that people held her past behaviors against her since she had taken all the effort to change (court ordered).

On the flip side she will send unsolicited gifts that are over the top as a way to guilt you into feeling bad. She throws huge parties that cost too much and tends to incorporate giveaways into most things. She will gift people hundreds of dollars. She buys stuff constantly just to give to people even though she has too many credit cards and isn't anywhere near wealthy.

I have been trying to cut contact with her because of drama she created by taking control of all of my grandparents finances and power of attorney before they died. She basically blocked my mom out and then acted like everyone refused to help her to the distant relatives for extra sympathy and attention and accused me of trying to get power of attorney (this was while she was in the process of getting it herself) because I had the audacity to visit my grandmother in hospice. Tons of lies and just utter disregard for everyone including my grandparents. Prior to all of that I didn't want to deal with her because she is a fall-down-puking-drunk and hasn't had a license in probably 10 years. But it was just the final straw. She keeps sending texts about loving me and keeps giving my mom gifts for holidays and then tries to make me feel like I've wronged her by not coming around because she cares so much about me. I feel like she's just like the kind of person that is the creepy abusive ex that keeps sending flowers and wanting to get back together after months or years.