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frankenspider t1_j16miiv wrote

That's great but not exactly affordable. I bought a years worth of Benadryl for $8.


BaconSoul t1_j174647 wrote

Benadryl stops working eventually as tolerance builds fast and it can have some nasty king term effects in your kidneys


Sguru1 t1_j17grzh wrote

Benadryl / anticholinergics every night puts you at a real risk of dementia and other cognitive disorders in old age (among other things). Really not a great option.


lmaccaro t1_j17hp4m wrote

There was a study that showed about 300 doses in your lifetime would give you about a 30% higher change of early dementia.

I don't have the study at hand but that is a rough estimate of the findings. So I stopped taking it.