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Berzurker t1_j16zcu3 wrote

Interesting finding but what about quality of rest? It’s my understanding that, like going to bed drunk, going to bed high messes with your REM sleep cycle.

I’d be interested to know definitively how sleep quality is affected by cannabis.


Heidenreich12 t1_j17j9f6 wrote

So I took Trazadone for 5 years to help me sleep, and got tired of the sleepy feeling I’d have in the mornings.

A couple years ago I started taking specific mg’s of a gummy every night at the same time and found after tweaking brands, and dosage I can consistently sleep through the night and wake up more naturally. I’d say the quality of sleep is as comparable.


GSXR-1100 t1_j18s3af wrote

My anecdotal experience is very similar.

Weed beats actually prescribed sleeping meds every time.


Altruistic-Bobcat955 t1_j175l8q wrote

That would be helpful info. I have insomnia side effects due to meds and refuse sleeping pills from my doc as I don’t want the groggy effects and I’ve heard sleep quality isn’t the same


salamander05 t1_j17hal9 wrote

Agreed, it would be helpful to include that info. Anecdotally, I’ve tried melatonin and OTC sleep aids and I’m always groggy in the morning. I don’t think I metabolize them effectively or quickly enough. I don’t sleep well but it’s not considered insomnia. High CBC/low THC drops seem to work really well for me and I don’t wake up groggy at all.


lmaccaro t1_j17hjtt wrote

My understanding is you don't need to take enough to get "high".


alliusis t1_j17ggqs wrote

That's what my doctor told me about cannabis - said it knocks you out but destroys sleep quality Sleep quality is very important to my well-being so I've still never tried it.


Edwunclerthe3rd t1_j17ymg4 wrote

I take an extremely long amount of time to fall asleep and I wake up easily. For me, just being asleep sometimes is worth way more than the quality. I notice you wake up "hazy" sometimes but 30-45 minutes after you're waking up you're good to go


Picticious t1_j17su9y wrote

I can’t relate to that, since I’ve been on the oil my sleep quality definitely improved, along with my Asthma too strangely enough.


Vintage_Dog_Dude t1_j1eo7p9 wrote

In my experience I have a good quality full nights of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I tried many different sleep/anxiety meds, but really cannabis oil is the only thing I found that works. And not just for insomnia, but for my depression and anxiety as well.

As far as quality of sleep, I believe it is in the timing. You take edibles with dinner and they begin wearing off when it is time to go to bed. The "wearing off" effect is what makes you sleepy. If you take a huge dose before bed, you will have crazy dreams and wake up stoned at 2 AM. In my anecdotal experience at least.