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Willmono7 t1_j16zo3e wrote

I don't think medicinal value should determine legality/control status. Opiates and amphetamines have their place in medicine too, but definitely deserve to be tightly controlled.

Edit: I'm dumb and was thinking of the UK classification system


rbesfe t1_j170pr5 wrote

It's supposed to be medicinal value combined with potential for harm. Unfortunately it's really just political, alcohol has way more potential to kill its user than weed even when you factor in smoke inhalation effects. Anyone remember that clip of Nancy Grace saying stoners kill families?


Timigos t1_j171vde wrote

I’m glad you think that but it’s not reality.

Scheduled I must have no medicinal benefits. Cannabis is still Schedule I.

Cocaine has been Schedule II forever.


Willmono7 t1_j172d0c wrote

I've realised that , as I'm British, I'm thinking of the British system of classification and this will definitely be US. Apologies, I have the dumb, and ironically my melatonin is kicking in.


VenflonBandit t1_j17rmnc wrote

Its a schedule 2 controlled drug in the UK. Class B. Schedule is set by medical use/risk of misuse. Class being the social badness. Schedule sets storage, possession and prescribing requirements and class sets punishment when caught.


kslusherplantman t1_j17egjc wrote

When I went to visit my uncle in the hospital after he had a heart attack, I nearly had one when they came to cauterize his nose because it kept bleeding… and injected cocaine HCL into the membranes of his nose.

Bottle of liquid cocaine. Even said it right on the bottle. Blew me away