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Jasoli53 t1_j17iwu4 wrote

Anecdotal, but that’s the thing with cannabis in my experience… I’ve been smoking/vaping for around 8 years now. Nearly daily. It helps curb my anxiety (most of the time), and helps me relax enough to sleep. I don’t smoke all day like some people, and my tolerance, while higher than it was, is much much lower than a lot of people I know.

I’m excited for when we get a trial on tolerance vs consumption habits or whatnot. There’s a lot we anecdotally ‘know’ about it, but there’s so much we truly don’t know


Nauin t1_j1ei9mp wrote

I'm a constant user and I want the same studies done, too. Like I'm extremely thankful it helps with my pain and immobility so I can get through my day but I'd like to know what I'm actually doing to myself in the long run.