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iwascompromised t1_j18ar1t wrote

I have this battle with my wife over melatonin. She takes it every night and if she doesn’t fall asleep in five minutes I hear her getting another one out.


jimmypootron34 t1_j18mih3 wrote

I would check that it’s a literature recommended dose. Melatonin, for patent reasons at least in the US from what I’ve read, often comes in amounts many times larger than what is produced endogenously. May be a bit late at this point but the dose recommended by actual data may also work well and not give any side effects like making someone totally dependent on it. I mean it doesn’t seem to be harmful even in these larger Doses, but I know it can be annoying to depend on something all the time.

Looked it up, the dose it’s supposed to come in based on the data is about 1/3 of a mg or 300mcg. Many come in about 3-5mg which is obviously many times more than that.


Nauin t1_j1eilo8 wrote

Show her the studies that show melatonin is less effective at higher doses. We're seriously overdosing with the bottle-reccomended doses, anyway. It's like 0.3mgs or something that's the optimal dose, the lowest I can find a pill in is 1-2mgs.