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Wassux t1_j1a7zpe wrote

You just made up that that can be explained by the placebo. If you have form of proof, reasoning or anything at all other than because you say it is I would love to hear it. But I have never heard of placebo curing 60% of a group.


aminervia t1_j1a9wtx wrote

The whole point of having a study like this is to compare the active medication to the placebo. So, you give half the people up the placebo and half the people the real medication.

If you'll go back to my original comment, my point was that this study did not have a placebo trial because you'd automatically know whether or not you got the medication because it made you high.

I already shared a source with you that the placebo effect can go up to 60%, and this is especially true with medication that a lot of people are excited about.

Therefore, because this study did not have a reasonable control, there's no way of knowing whether or not the benefit from the active medication isn't placebo.

I've already explained everything to you now, I've already shared a source. You've already explained that you don't know much about this... I'm not sure what else there is to argue about?