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RafiqTheHero t1_j1ajh3a wrote

Finding a balanced diet by studies alone can be difficult.

But it's hard to go wrong by sticking with minimally processed foods that are mostly plant-based. That's what most cultures around the world have done for hundreds of years, if not longer.

Journalist/author Michael Pollan (who has researched/investigated food a lot) has a saying, which seems pretty helpful. "Eat food, mostly plants, not too much."

The cultures in the world with a high number of people who live to be 100+ essentially eat this way. Not vegetarian, but low meat consumption with an emphasis on vegetables, healthy oils, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.


Doomquill t1_j1am3yj wrote

I still have a desire to find a hydroponic/greenhouse solution the "simplest sustainable meal", something (or set of somethings) that can provide mostly complete nutrition that can be grown in one's basement or greenhouse or what have you. Unfortunately food variety is both the spice and preserver of life.