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jr12345 t1_izw5jy4 wrote

Being off work sick or injured linked to higher suicide risk… dude, I don’t even want to go back to work after a weekend. The sheer dread I had going back to work after being off for 3 months(paternity leave)… the realization that my life is reduced back to spending so much time at work… I can see where that would drive someone to consider suicide.


CHRLZ_IIIM t1_izwfi7g wrote

I believe that, compounded by how much a hospital bill can be and feeling liked you’re owned by your job even more.


soaring_potato t1_izwnjh4 wrote

For that they have to compare the US and the rest of the western world.


boofaceleemz t1_izx68r4 wrote

I’m sure that’s some of it. When you’re off work due to disability though you’re kind of on a timer. You have X amount of time to get better and come back to work before your benefit runs out, and if you don’t then you can lose your job, which loses you your health insurance and disability payments, and then shortly after that you’re bankrupt, homeless, and dying without medical care, and taking all your loved ones with you.

That’s a very stressful existence. If you’re not getting better quick enough and have a family to take care of, using your life insurance before you lose the benefit starts to seem like a really reasonable alternative.


Listan83 t1_izxh05b wrote

Also if you are permanent disabled from a workplace injury they fight you tooth and nail to stop you from getting the benefits. My grandpa got hurt working for the county. Lost him to suicide in 06. This stuff fucks with people.


tiny_butt_toucher t1_izyxb1q wrote

Well said. I’m currently on unpaid leave and the stress of getting well quickly enough that I don’t lose my job is overwhelming


buttertoss t1_izwhwjb wrote

Feudalism never ended.


finger_milk t1_izx2221 wrote

And the "let get this grind" mentality which is just Stockholm syndrome. That really needs to stop.


cosmotosed t1_izzb4re wrote

God thats all I hear in modern rap songs. Get money. Get owned.


LordCrag t1_j001cip wrote

Humans seem to need purpose to be happy. That goal can be money, fame, building something, creating something etc. When purpose is gone they turn to a lot of vices and self destructive behavior. Having a grind mindset, when not taken to extremes, can be very healthy and empowering.


hutxhy t1_izwwi4q wrote

Maaaan even serfs worked less than we do nowadays


badpeaches t1_izxh8vf wrote

Americans wouldn't have the weekend off if it weren't for unions. The 40 hour work week is already too long and countries have successfully tested shorter work weeks with same level of pay. If the system we currently use isn't benefiting the majority, maybe it's time to change the system.


9fingfing t1_izxto9s wrote

40 hour work week is also just a myth with technology nowadays…


badpeaches t1_izxvuep wrote

It really depends on the industry. Plus major corporations giving less than 40 hours makes them part time employees dependant on social services to help financially. The more employees Walmart, Amazon, McDonald, Whoever has on food stamps the more tax breaks they get. Local and Federal Governments are incentivizing keeping the poor, poor.


yesyupyee t1_izx273u wrote

I'll second that. My workplace was closed for two months at the beginning of 2020. Best two months of my life. The depression was pretty severe when I had to go back.


YoureALousyButler t1_izwdqw1 wrote

I fell while working in my yard and haven't been able to work in 4 and half years. I'd saw my left foot off at the ankle to trade places with you.

Enjoy what you have.


[deleted] t1_izwnadf wrote



MollyDooker99 t1_izwrz4o wrote

I don’t think you know how healthcare works. It’s not a magic potion that’ll fix severe injuries. Sometimes your doctor will simply say, “Not much we can do.” If this person does live in the U.S. and hasn’t worked in years then they are likely on disability. In which case their healthcare costs are free or much cheaper.


YoureALousyButler t1_izx7zwr wrote

MassHealth (Obamacare's predecessor) saved my life. I would have been screwed financially as I was a freelancer for years and paid my own health insurance.

After I started having grand mal seizures, work as I had known and loved for decades was no longer possible.

Anyway, blow me.


Atheren t1_izxd17u wrote

Work is the main reason I have a history of suicide attempts....


LordCrag t1_j00170t wrote

May want to look into another line of work. People often feel as if they can't reimagine what their career is but its crazy how many different jobs exist. Hell I know a couple who literally just make do in the gig economy.


hibearmate t1_izya1a6 wrote

Gonna say it’s the realization that there’s no effing social safety net forcing you to work die has more to do with it


LordCrag t1_j001ufh wrote

This is absolutely untrue. SSI exists. Food stamps exists. Public housing exists. Medicaid exists. Unemployment exists. And that's just the government. There are many charities that exist, food banks, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, even old fashion soup kitchens. St. Judes is a Children's Hospital where parents pay 0, heck there are whole websites dedicated to helping others like GoFundMe and GiveSendGo.

You may want there to be *more* social safety nets but to say that there are none is complete hyperbole at best and an outright lie at worst.


b1ckparadox t1_izw9bdu wrote

*not having enough money is linked to a higher risk of suicide


Content_Flamingo_583 t1_izwvype wrote

Poverty is a social crime. A harm willfully committed by those in power against the masses who are not.

And consequently, so is suicide. And every other ill that results from poverty.

It would cost a mere 1% of the US’s annual military budget to totally end homelessness. We don’t have a lack of resources problem in the US. We have an entrenched inequality problem.


SqueakSquawk4 t1_izxbozd wrote

If we're complaining about american militarism: Putting High Speed Rail (At inflated California HSR cost) along every kilometre of the interstate system, would cost less than the Afghanistan war. While also achiveing something permanent.


badpeaches t1_izxhgqo wrote

In the US, there's 500k homeless with 16 million properties empty.


HulkSmashHulkRegret t1_izy7ewl wrote

There’s homeless sleeping on cardboard in front of the glass windows of mattress stores full of beds


terrierhead t1_izwh00m wrote

This is the confounder.


ZeroTrousers3D t1_izwtwlx wrote

I'd argue that the value society places on work is a large factor too.

Society doesn't see people as valuable unless they work, produce, or are obscenely rich. Take away someone's self worth *and* their money?


earf123 t1_izwxnkf wrote

I was going to comment the same thing.

I was unemployed a couple times and had to do a lot of self reflection and reevaluating my self worth as someone brought up in the US. I was lucky and had a good support network around me, a good degree, and enough money to get by but it still took some soul searching and work to feel not ashamed and to allow myself to feel like I'm still allowed to be happy.


cosmotosed t1_izzfi99 wrote

Im not unemployed now but my profession tends to work me until ive solved/automated most problems and put myself out of a job, at least at most small to medium manufacturers the pattern has become clear…

Been trying to get in with the bigger corporations for close to a decade now with maximum 1 interview per year if I’m super lucky and get thru the bots to the hiring manager. 5/6 times Ive been rejected with high merits because they decide to go internal promotion

i love my job and the people i tend to work with but im starting to wonder IS THIS HAPPINESS??


CoomassieBlue t1_izzcuvc wrote

I totally agree. I work in science and after so many years of specialized schooling and chipping away slowly at tiny aspects of big problems - for myself and many others, it’s not just a job, it’s a huge part of your identity.

I took about 18 months off late 2018-early 2020 due to significant health issues that made existence a challenge let alone working. I still felt guilty to not be contributing financially to my marriage, and uneasy about the loss of that aspect of my identity. I’m once again newly unemployed as of last week due to moving XC for my spouse’s job, and it’s amazing how fast I’ve gotten into a funk about it.


Narethii t1_izwznvn wrote

As someone with paid sick days, I feel good after getting paid to recover from illness


carlitospig t1_izx7wna wrote

Not everyone gets PTO - or full financial coverage from disability, at least in the states.


LordCrag t1_j001zxk wrote

Fascinating enough this is not true if you take the entire global population. Suicide rates are often higher in America and Japan than in third world countries.


costabius t1_izwwzdy wrote

* being sick and injured linked to higher risk of suicide.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwif5v wrote

Not about the money, it's about the freedom of choice. Having the ability to choose if you pay rent or own a home. Being able to choose what you want to eat today. People are killing themselves due to a lack of being able to choose how they live. We are all slaves until we finally choose to not be.


jabby88 t1_izwuhze wrote

And that choice requires money...


PoopieButt317 t1_izzfhvj wrote

This article is about research on pwople who are receiving income-replacing disability or workman's comp payments. This is about mental state being tied to sense of self value, communications with others, life style functioning loss due to disability/rehabilitation. I have had to be off for almost 2 years. It is mentally draining.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwv3hc wrote

You can have freedom without money and you can have money without freedom. You can have a choice without money, you can have money without choices too. It's not about the money. Enjoy your slavery.


hutxhy t1_izwwg67 wrote

Ugh you sound like an ancap


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwygt8 wrote

Not really. I'm just more focused on the underlying issue rather than the surface issues people focus on because they are in plain sight. Maybe you'll peel back enough layers to actually see what's going on in time.


Drewy99 t1_izwummv wrote

Everything you said involves money


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwv4hc wrote

Not at all. You're blind.


bobandgeorge t1_izwzuzx wrote

I'm pretty sure rent, owning a home, and getting food to eat all involves money.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izx0fmn wrote

Not at all. You can build a house without any money. You can eat without any money. Why is this so complicated?


yesyupyee t1_izx2q16 wrote

Where can I find magically free building materials and food without owning land or knowing somebody who owns land (costs money) and is willing to let me use it for free? Please tell me where this magical fictional place exists in a modern capitalistic society.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izx5t73 wrote

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I'm not really anti capitalist though.


yesyupyee t1_izx9mfg wrote

>I'm not really anti capitalist though.



Ethric_The_Mad t1_izxdi08 wrote

Look. My point is, nobody really wants to work because they need to buy things to survive. Sure, lots of people just want to work but they'd do it for free if you let them.


yesyupyee t1_izxiv8a wrote

How does that give us the realistic option to survive without money, as you say is so simple to do?


Ringo_1956 t1_izw6bh7 wrote

It's likely because of a lack of income and fear of being disabled and unable to ever work again. It's great to be off if you have sick time and disability insurance, but not many do


silverback_79 t1_izwdy8b wrote

I've been on sick leave for three years due to injuries, every year the compensation gets reduced, I survive (barely) on $1060/month atm. The depression is real. The anxiety is realer. Currently seeing group therapy to stop relying on putting my hands under a hot water faucet to stop the grinding recurring negative thoughts.


nahtorreyous t1_izwg8jz wrote

Or how many people live to work. When that's taken away they realize they don't have hobbies or anything else to pass the time.


gortonsfiJr t1_izwsgcq wrote

If you’re sick/injured enough to be off work long term, you’re almost certainly unable to participate in many hobbies that you otherwise would enjoy.


thatguy2137 t1_izx7ebd wrote

Currently about to go back to work after 2 weeks off with a fractured arm. The novelty of being off work wore off after 3 days without being able to do a lot of my hobbies.


allnamesbeentaken t1_izxgqus wrote

Is this the prevailing opinion on reddit? I was off work for almost 4 months following a shoulder surgery, and I quickly started to feel useless without anything to do do for those 4 months. Money wasn't a concern at all, I was still making essentially the same if I had been working, but doing nothing takes its toll.


Elendel19 t1_izxvevv wrote

I don’t find it difficult to keep myself entertained at home and there are plenty of things to do around the house to be productive. I took a voluntary lay off for 2 months like 2 years ago and it was the best 2 months of my adult life by far.


allnamesbeentaken t1_izy9rtd wrote

A 2 month furlough is different than disability though, I couldn't do much with only one arm. TV and video games get old pretty fast, and it's difficult to be productive when you're laid up.


tacticalcraptical t1_izxiosd wrote

I have both (even thought my insurance is pretty lousy) but even then, there is the always present anxiety about how far behind you'll be when you get back or that someone is going to somehow hold the fact that you were out sick for a long period against you.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izw45eq wrote

Not for me. Needing to work is what causes my stress and depression.


AlfredoQueen88 t1_izw5bvc wrote

The best time of my life was when I was off work for 10 weeks after carpal tunnel surgery


emimagique t1_izwryww wrote

I was on furlough for about a year in 2020. I was a bit bored sometimes but it was a million times better than being at work


Atheren t1_izxdae7 wrote

I don't like to admit it because obviously it was awful for everyone else, but the beginning of covid was the best time of my life.

Making unemployment money and just staying home for months, not needing to worry about bills or work.


badpeaches t1_izxhvss wrote

You knew you were going back to work, it's different when you don't have something to look forward to.


AlfredoQueen88 t1_izxmn8c wrote

I hate working. Everyone’s different!


Elendel19 t1_izxvted wrote

Same, but a lot people who are unable to work are also living in absolute poverty with no realistic path out of it. It’s a lot different if you are able to be comfortable financially while not working.


AlfredoQueen88 t1_izy4b4f wrote

Totally. I agree with you there! I am more on the side of there should be a UBI and countries should take care of their citizens so people dont have to work themselves to the bone but that’s crazy talk apparently. I think if I didn’t HAVE to work I would still work just not nearly as much


Elendel19 t1_izy4v9s wrote

Yep, UBI and massive taxes on corporations and the top 10% is the only way forward. Technology, automation and AI are going to eliminate HUGE numbers of jobs in the next couple of decades and there won’t be enough work for everyone to get 40 hours a week, which is already unnecessary


ac3three t1_izw74xn wrote

Being at work linked to higher risk of suicide


Aoiboshi t1_izw091r wrote

See!? Managers just care about their people! They're not bad at making schedules!


Bill_Nye-LV t1_izwex11 wrote

Correction: the thought of going back to work linked to higher depression and suicidal thoughts


steamyfunctions t1_izxddaf wrote

I also think its being sick or injured is contributing to the depression and suicidal thoughts, not having a break from work.


ihuha t1_izw4zbd wrote

having a pool linked to higher risk of drowning.


Pristine-Confection3 t1_izwbuj4 wrote

They must not work a poverty paying job because I hate working a job that refuses to pay me a living wage and I wreck my body doing so . I then am expected to work when sick . In fact being stuck in a poverty trap doing physical underpaid work has made me suicidal in the past .


Amendoza9761 t1_izw4gu3 wrote

I've been off work 2 weeks for surgery and I'm losing my mind. I'm also single/living alone and don't really like where I live.


gingerfawx t1_izw749r wrote

Sorry to hear it. Hope you're on the mend.

No hobbies you can pursue under the current conditions?


Amendoza9761 t1_izw7seg wrote

Just reading and video games at the moment. Tall on the phone a lot


ShrankNutz t1_izw78su wrote

Sorry to hear that, what general area do u live in?


Solidg_o_l_d69 t1_izwea89 wrote

Did my boss write this….


explodingtuna t1_j0012ji wrote

Sounds like they wrote it to discourage people from taking paid sick days. "It'll make you suicidal!"


andersaur t1_izwvo91 wrote

Sure was one of the darker periods of my life so far. Left a job of 6 years for a new opportunity that fell through before it started. It’s ok, covid time anyway, lots of folks in this boat. Then my knee went out doing some yard work the next day. 6mo, no job, extreme limited mobility, living somewhere pretty isolated on a second floor loft.

I can totally see how it can spiral.


Cheyenne_Bodi t1_izwa09v wrote

But also like if you were going to commit suicide you would definitely call in sick that day, so wouldn't the stats be a little skewed? I'm not showing up to work I'm ferris buelering then seeing if I still feel the same way.


RollerDude347 t1_izyktc6 wrote

What?! No. They get to call my corpse asking me to call out....

I'm not suicidal atm. Just petty.


markednl t1_izwn8cg wrote

Being on the edge of a bridge is linked to a higher risk of suicide


Jane_doel t1_izwgval wrote

Loss of income/job, debt, isolation, physical helplessness and in pain. Plus feelings of worthlessness, frustration, and sadness. Being really sick or injured can take 3 - 12 months to recover from. That’s a long time.


holvt t1_izwxaw3 wrote

Currently on my sixth month of chronic fatigue and the rest that goes with it. Possibly long covid. Lost my dream job that I just graduated and got a license for last year. Lost my health insurance that was linked to my job. Cannot collect unemployment because I cannot work full time due to my health. Cannot collect disability because it can take 6 months to be approved, and I don’t even have a formal diagnosis yet. I’ve thought about suicide in logistical sense more than I have in my entire life, and there was a point I had clinical depression. I don’t right now and I’m thinking of ending things to save everyone and myself the trouble. I won’t, and I’m thankfully fairly even keeled, but I can certainly see how others would and do.


Drewseff9991 t1_izwlbu8 wrote

Not gonna off myself but being off of work for medical reasons does have me feeling useless, purposeless


Adorable-Ad4291 t1_izwc8wr wrote

The injuries not the being able to not work messed up people .., the country’s disability program is a joke they let sick and injured people wait over a year to see a judge then another 3 months to see if you won then who knows how long til you actually get the help you need !!!


welly321 t1_izzg3fz wrote

Good, let’s not make it easier for people to leech off the government.


C-Rex1 t1_izwkwep wrote

Is it any wonder, with many companies paying little to no sick pay?


jamescody09 t1_izwxx6m wrote

Sounds like an article an employer or insurance agency would write!


Apprehensive-Push495 t1_izwqrqm wrote

I know people like to have a go on reddit but your better off working than relying on the crap amount money they give you. Imagine having no disposable income. All your time is free time. You are disabled so you can't ear any more money and they wouldn't let you anyway.


yesyupyee t1_izx2a64 wrote

Don't let the capitalists read the headline. They'll twist this into an excuse to give workers fewer days off claiming it is better for their mental health.


kitty_kuddles t1_izx538f wrote

During COVID right at the beginning I got laid off by my employer. For 3 months, my partner and I both were paid to be home (in Canada we had the CERB, which was $2k per month). It was..wonderful. But there was this tiny bell that rang in my head while I was off that said “you can’t go back to that.” So I applied for a masters degree. The idea was, if they didn’t call me back, or if they did, I’d have to do that forever. And no cell in my body could handle that reality. So I made the choice, threw myself into more debt, but hoped for a better future.

They called me back to work eventually. So I went back, of course. And the 6 months following I got very depressed. Depressed and suicidal. Eventually my coworker convinced me to go to the doctor, and I did. They gave me a note and a prescription, I found a psychotherapist, and for a whole year I worked on myself so I could understand how I got to be suicidal.

I went back into the workforce a new person. But I had that opportunity. Not everyone does. Mental health is health - it should be treated as such. If you hurt yourself you need time to heal, this is the same for your mind.

But anyways, being off was the catalyst for my depression because being off made me realize how unhappy I was. It was a huge turning point in my life. While it hurt at the time, today I’m grateful for it.


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nadmaximus t1_izwga1m wrote

This may be surprising, but death is linked to a higher risk of suicide. In fact, the majority of suicides involve a death. Preventing death and intervening in near-death situations would would lower this risk.


MrBubbelsss t1_izwksrx wrote

cant hate you're life if you busy working right ?


Bakunin-gfc t1_izwkxl4 wrote

Yeah cause you may loose everything anyways.


Spirited-Reputation6 t1_izwliop wrote

Somehow I think a job with little to no pay, sick time, benefits, time off, and a toxic work environment yields the same results just slowly. It’s like the story of a dedicated company man has heart attack in your now cubicle because you know (trigger word warning) capitalism.


Explicit_Tech t1_izwo74x wrote

Something tells me this study is bait.


GhostBillOnThird t1_izwt2jf wrote

Yeah because your boss threatening to fire you because you have the flu or pneumonia.


LordRednaught t1_izx6xmq wrote

*being miserable linked to higher risk of suicide


SparkySc00ter t1_izx87pv wrote

Routine, it's so important and the loss of routines can make a mind melt, for some.


Chalkarts t1_izxb9cl wrote

Well, you’re probably not going to do it AT work, so yeah.


_Forgotten t1_izxbrh0 wrote

I'm going to x to doubt this one.


MAGNUSx3 t1_izxcelx wrote

Committing suicide linked to higher risk of being off work…


DiverseUniverse24 t1_izxdu7g wrote

Don't even need to read it, totally agree and hopefully for similar reasons.


boydingo t1_izxdw7y wrote

Come on. Anything negative can be linked to higher risk of suicide. Do better then this.


Fresh_concrete t1_izxflme wrote

Largely because companies alienate and isolate people who get sick or injured at work. The practice is supported by the insurance industry because they no longer have to pay the person. Sad but true.


Squanchonme t1_izxh96h wrote

"Being forced to work for years on end and getting a taste of free time wake people up to the trap they're in"


PlowingMissFrizzle t1_izxou58 wrote

What corporations paid someone to write this nonsense?


throwawaymyself4u t1_izxq297 wrote

I feel like it's more of the other way around....they're depressed so they don't want to go to work so call lit sick when they're depressed.


ivegoticecream t1_izxr6tj wrote

I wonder why that could be? Could it be that many Americans can’t go a month without a paycheck? Pushing them into increasingly desperate financial conditions where suicide is the only way out.


jovn1234567890 t1_izy64ol wrote

What's up with this dichotomy of pop science right now? It's either fusion energy achieved, or workaholics that stop working get depressed. It's like we touch the hand of God and we're like "that was cool, ok guys let's go play in the mud now."


Kurotan t1_izybj3h wrote

Like covid was raising rates from isolation. I was talking to a buddy one weekend I was bored and told him "maybe work should be 7 days a week so I'm not sitting here bored and lonely because at least work gets me out of the house"


FireFromThaumaturgy t1_izyffd0 wrote

Yeah you think? Most places in America don’t offer paid sick time. Literally during covid we had our bosses guilt tripping people for being sick with covid. No paid time off and a guilt trip. So people came into work with covid and at one point we had like 2 people on site for a week.


ovenbonrito t1_izymipg wrote

Nothin brings in the big sad like thinking about all your bills when you can’t walk for 2 weeks and only have 5 hours of sick pay


[deleted] t1_izyszx3 wrote

I’m banned from world news so I’m posting this here:


We need to attack viruses at the dna level and wreck them. Our immune systems can’t do it alone; especially with persistent infections like hiv and hsv. COVID leaves too much collateral damage- it must be sniffed out with antivirals or gene editing as close to its onset as possible and stopped completely from transmitting


BadHillbili t1_izyw5sz wrote

Apparently we peasants can't be trusted to live alone, lest we off ourselves and shrink the labor pool.


phoenixbyrd t1_izz002p wrote

Can't stand people who put value in their lives based on what they do for work. There's more to live for than making some other motherfucker wealthy off your time and labor. Have respect for yourselves.


Statertater t1_izz51lq wrote

Being fired? Even higher!


PsychopathicPhantom t1_izzdfnf wrote

My depression hit hard when I was out for 2 weeks with Covid. A combination of feeling absolutely useless as well as realizing I would be down an entire paycheck when I didn’t even make that much to begin with made me hit a low. It was genuinely one of the worst depressive states I’ve ever been in.


coasterreal t1_izzkg63 wrote

Know what else is linked to suicide? Being alive.


impostersymbiote t1_izwv26q wrote

This is a perfect example of correlation, not causation. I'm waiting on /r/LinkedInLunatics to glom onto this nonsense.


Savvy-or-die t1_izx0cgz wrote

Not from “Being off work,” it’s from the soul crushing debt you immediately take on because the richest country in the world doesn’t mandate sick days, temporary disability, or universal healthcare.


drewbles82 t1_izwi8f2 wrote

Guess it depends on a lot of other factors. For me, I've been off work since 2015...every job before that my mental health always got worse to a point I was self harming at work. The last job I was taking over 100 calls a day, most abusive. I got to a point where my life hadn't changed one bit in years, I had 4 weeks holiday a year and never did anything during them, just stayed at home, no friends, no relationships. I wanted to end things for good but for the first time ever did something different, I booked a 3 month trip across the States. Was the best experience of my life. Since the age of 11, I had not gone a year without self harming so when I come back from my trip I refused to go back to a job. I wanted to concentrate on my health for once.

It took 3 years but got diagnosed with autism, I had worked some of the worst jobs for that and that's why I always got worse. I had a job coach for a while but we could never find anything suitable locally. Then Covid hit. I've since then found my passion with writing and done my first novel which I will be self publishing in the new year. I've used some of my savings to make investments in crypto (which aren't doing good at the mo but come next bullrun, will definitely help me) My home life has changed as my dad used to argue daily over jobs with me but once I got diagnosed he became the most supportive person. Since 2015, I have only self harmed once and that was during covid. To go from almost weekly self harming since 11, to once in 7 years is a massive improvement. I want to work but it has to be something suitable as I fear I will end up back in that dark place.


milesdraws t1_izwx6o8 wrote

Overworking people until they are sick, high stress, demanding mental or manual work and poverty wages are linked to higher risk of suicide


lemonade124 t1_izx3a88 wrote

Which CEOs paid for this study?