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b1ckparadox t1_izw9bdu wrote

*not having enough money is linked to a higher risk of suicide


Content_Flamingo_583 t1_izwvype wrote

Poverty is a social crime. A harm willfully committed by those in power against the masses who are not.

And consequently, so is suicide. And every other ill that results from poverty.

It would cost a mere 1% of the US’s annual military budget to totally end homelessness. We don’t have a lack of resources problem in the US. We have an entrenched inequality problem.


SqueakSquawk4 t1_izxbozd wrote

If we're complaining about american militarism: Putting High Speed Rail (At inflated California HSR cost) along every kilometre of the interstate system, would cost less than the Afghanistan war. While also achiveing something permanent.


badpeaches t1_izxhgqo wrote

In the US, there's 500k homeless with 16 million properties empty.


HulkSmashHulkRegret t1_izy7ewl wrote

There’s homeless sleeping on cardboard in front of the glass windows of mattress stores full of beds


terrierhead t1_izwh00m wrote

This is the confounder.


ZeroTrousers3D t1_izwtwlx wrote

I'd argue that the value society places on work is a large factor too.

Society doesn't see people as valuable unless they work, produce, or are obscenely rich. Take away someone's self worth *and* their money?


earf123 t1_izwxnkf wrote

I was going to comment the same thing.

I was unemployed a couple times and had to do a lot of self reflection and reevaluating my self worth as someone brought up in the US. I was lucky and had a good support network around me, a good degree, and enough money to get by but it still took some soul searching and work to feel not ashamed and to allow myself to feel like I'm still allowed to be happy.


cosmotosed t1_izzfi99 wrote

Im not unemployed now but my profession tends to work me until ive solved/automated most problems and put myself out of a job, at least at most small to medium manufacturers the pattern has become clear…

Been trying to get in with the bigger corporations for close to a decade now with maximum 1 interview per year if I’m super lucky and get thru the bots to the hiring manager. 5/6 times Ive been rejected with high merits because they decide to go internal promotion

i love my job and the people i tend to work with but im starting to wonder IS THIS HAPPINESS??


CoomassieBlue t1_izzcuvc wrote

I totally agree. I work in science and after so many years of specialized schooling and chipping away slowly at tiny aspects of big problems - for myself and many others, it’s not just a job, it’s a huge part of your identity.

I took about 18 months off late 2018-early 2020 due to significant health issues that made existence a challenge let alone working. I still felt guilty to not be contributing financially to my marriage, and uneasy about the loss of that aspect of my identity. I’m once again newly unemployed as of last week due to moving XC for my spouse’s job, and it’s amazing how fast I’ve gotten into a funk about it.


Narethii t1_izwznvn wrote

As someone with paid sick days, I feel good after getting paid to recover from illness


carlitospig t1_izx7wna wrote

Not everyone gets PTO - or full financial coverage from disability, at least in the states.


LordCrag t1_j001zxk wrote

Fascinating enough this is not true if you take the entire global population. Suicide rates are often higher in America and Japan than in third world countries.


costabius t1_izwwzdy wrote

* being sick and injured linked to higher risk of suicide.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwif5v wrote

Not about the money, it's about the freedom of choice. Having the ability to choose if you pay rent or own a home. Being able to choose what you want to eat today. People are killing themselves due to a lack of being able to choose how they live. We are all slaves until we finally choose to not be.


jabby88 t1_izwuhze wrote

And that choice requires money...


PoopieButt317 t1_izzfhvj wrote

This article is about research on pwople who are receiving income-replacing disability or workman's comp payments. This is about mental state being tied to sense of self value, communications with others, life style functioning loss due to disability/rehabilitation. I have had to be off for almost 2 years. It is mentally draining.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwv3hc wrote

You can have freedom without money and you can have money without freedom. You can have a choice without money, you can have money without choices too. It's not about the money. Enjoy your slavery.


hutxhy t1_izwwg67 wrote

Ugh you sound like an ancap


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwygt8 wrote

Not really. I'm just more focused on the underlying issue rather than the surface issues people focus on because they are in plain sight. Maybe you'll peel back enough layers to actually see what's going on in time.


Drewy99 t1_izwummv wrote

Everything you said involves money


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izwv4hc wrote

Not at all. You're blind.


bobandgeorge t1_izwzuzx wrote

I'm pretty sure rent, owning a home, and getting food to eat all involves money.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izx0fmn wrote

Not at all. You can build a house without any money. You can eat without any money. Why is this so complicated?


yesyupyee t1_izx2q16 wrote

Where can I find magically free building materials and food without owning land or knowing somebody who owns land (costs money) and is willing to let me use it for free? Please tell me where this magical fictional place exists in a modern capitalistic society.


Ethric_The_Mad t1_izx5t73 wrote

Thanks for pointing out the problem. I'm not really anti capitalist though.


yesyupyee t1_izx9mfg wrote

>I'm not really anti capitalist though.



Ethric_The_Mad t1_izxdi08 wrote

Look. My point is, nobody really wants to work because they need to buy things to survive. Sure, lots of people just want to work but they'd do it for free if you let them.


yesyupyee t1_izxiv8a wrote

How does that give us the realistic option to survive without money, as you say is so simple to do?