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Content_Flamingo_583 t1_izwvype wrote

Poverty is a social crime. A harm willfully committed by those in power against the masses who are not.

And consequently, so is suicide. And every other ill that results from poverty.

It would cost a mere 1% of the US’s annual military budget to totally end homelessness. We don’t have a lack of resources problem in the US. We have an entrenched inequality problem.


SqueakSquawk4 t1_izxbozd wrote

If we're complaining about american militarism: Putting High Speed Rail (At inflated California HSR cost) along every kilometre of the interstate system, would cost less than the Afghanistan war. While also achiveing something permanent.


badpeaches t1_izxhgqo wrote

In the US, there's 500k homeless with 16 million properties empty.


HulkSmashHulkRegret t1_izy7ewl wrote

There’s homeless sleeping on cardboard in front of the glass windows of mattress stores full of beds