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hutxhy t1_izwwi4q wrote

Maaaan even serfs worked less than we do nowadays


badpeaches t1_izxh8vf wrote

Americans wouldn't have the weekend off if it weren't for unions. The 40 hour work week is already too long and countries have successfully tested shorter work weeks with same level of pay. If the system we currently use isn't benefiting the majority, maybe it's time to change the system.


9fingfing t1_izxto9s wrote

40 hour work week is also just a myth with technology nowadays…


badpeaches t1_izxvuep wrote

It really depends on the industry. Plus major corporations giving less than 40 hours makes them part time employees dependant on social services to help financially. The more employees Walmart, Amazon, McDonald, Whoever has on food stamps the more tax breaks they get. Local and Federal Governments are incentivizing keeping the poor, poor.