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Elendel19 t1_izxvted wrote

Same, but a lot people who are unable to work are also living in absolute poverty with no realistic path out of it. It’s a lot different if you are able to be comfortable financially while not working.


AlfredoQueen88 t1_izy4b4f wrote

Totally. I agree with you there! I am more on the side of there should be a UBI and countries should take care of their citizens so people dont have to work themselves to the bone but that’s crazy talk apparently. I think if I didn’t HAVE to work I would still work just not nearly as much


Elendel19 t1_izy4v9s wrote

Yep, UBI and massive taxes on corporations and the top 10% is the only way forward. Technology, automation and AI are going to eliminate HUGE numbers of jobs in the next couple of decades and there won’t be enough work for everyone to get 40 hours a week, which is already unnecessary