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M4XVLTG3 t1_izy9h15 wrote

It's almost as if multiple generations raised by television have the same issues.


hexbatch t1_izyv9pq wrote

Here the tv is much smaller and more interactive


rarokammaro t1_izzz4ou wrote

Okay but our parents didn’t crack out the TV in the middle of a restaurant. The amount of children I see plugged in with headphones on an iPad during what is supposed to be a family activity is absurd. They’re growing up disengaged from everything they do with their parents.


AgentOrange2814 t1_j00bff0 wrote

This is so true. My wife and I are adamantly against getting any sort of tablet whatsoever for our daughter. She’s 18 months now and even though it can be hard to take her places like a restaurant for a meal, the practice is already starting to pay off as she is getting much better at it each time we go.

Our friends however are not that way at all. They are currently on vacation with their kids and almost every photo they’ve sent us, their kids are glued to their tablets. It’s insane.


International_Bet_91 t1_j00ikd7 wrote

İn my grandma's generation "hugs" were the scapegoat.

That generation was told not to hug their kids when they cried because it would make them dependent on mother's hugs, unable to self-soothe.

That goodness the new scapegoat is just digital tech!


Kalapuya t1_izzsdmv wrote

Emotional disregulation is entertaining, but kids don’t realize that’s not actually how you’re supposed to behave.