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eightdx t1_j054qir wrote

In the Zen practice, they sometimes refer to the seated meditation practice as "just sitting", because that is sort of the long and short of the activity. The mental dimension to it is slightly more complex, but encompasses why it is called a practice.

The goal is not to enact strict controls upon oneself, but rather open oneself up to experiencing oneself more fully. Thoughts will approach, but as one master once said: leave your front door open and your back door open -- thoughts will come and go, just don't serve them tea. That is the toughest part for most people, I think: the part about letting the mind empty out naturally.

I also think that's the part most people misunderstand, as they think that meditation is about some sort of self-deprivation, when it's actually quite the opposite. By learning how to process our thoughts and emotions, we can better express ourselves and do so in healthier ways.

It's just some thoughts, I'm sure they'll go away soon enough