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JohnFByers t1_j04fqc9 wrote

Ironically the Med has been experiencing low birth rates since the 1980s.


Skeptix_907 t1_j04hoj6 wrote

Virtually the entire developed world has had low birth rates since the 80s.


JohnFByers t1_j04mg3t wrote

That’s a relief. I worried it was something I’d said.


Awellplanned t1_j06ng0m wrote

Ironically that’s about the time the extraction of wealth from the middle class kicked off. 40 years later we are struggling through a capitalistic waste land.


WindowShoppingMyLife t1_j04s6ki wrote

I'm guessing that's when they got McDonald's.


JohnFByers t1_j04wzht wrote

That was late 90s. Beer and spaghetti were both on the McD menu in 1999. Good times.


WindowShoppingMyLife t1_j053d1k wrote

Beer I'm fine with. I'm not sure I would really want to try the McDonald's version of spaghetti.


hammyFbaby t1_j0590ry wrote

Ever had skyline chili out of Cincinnati? It’s spaghetti with chili and cheese on top, it should come with a roll of toilet paper. The worst.


WindowShoppingMyLife t1_j059avj wrote

I have not. But most foods have a similar effect on me so I carry my own toilet paper.


sharkethic86 t1_j07x0gg wrote

"With an emphasis on fruits, vegetables and legumes.."

This isn't news. Stop eating so much processed food and gorging yourself on meats. Focus on fresh produce, beans, etc.


hetfield151 t1_j06q92o wrote

So eating pasta and cheese and drinking wine is good for me?


lexliller t1_j08tw4m wrote

Got it. No mediterranean diet.


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front_yard_duck_dad t1_j092qsb wrote

Just what I need another bunch of Mediterranean men knocking my sperm quality


Zestfullyclean87 t1_j08i3ve wrote

Kinda have to be careful when talking about diets, and the topic of fertility. You could have two people with very different fertility circumstances, who would benefit from very different dietary changes… so I would proceed with caution with general advice of “this diet will help fertility.”