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Q8DD33C7J8 t1_j1u9k45 wrote

SOMETIMES. My husband got nerve block many times. It's supposed to last for weeks it may have lasted for a day or two. Also they package the nerve block with a steroid to combat swelling. Which means no sleep for 24 hours after the shot because you're hyper af. Not a doctor but I don't see the benefits.


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_j1uif6s wrote

I got a couple in my neck for migraines...

The second one hit the actual nerve and it felt like I knew where all the nerves were on one side of my skull.

Craziest feeling ever, and last time I got that shot


ut_pictura t1_j1w3kif wrote

Hey, on the plus side you had a great provider! You aim for the nerve and always hope that you found the right spot… they sure aimed well!!


theVokster t1_j1xfipk wrote

I had an epidural steroid injection in my lower back for a sequestered disc and they hit the nerve on the second injection. It fucked me up for 6 months and took about a year to fully recover


Feudamonia t1_j1xudst wrote

Better than getting an epidural for a c-section and have it not work. It only numbed part of my skin, not underlying tissue. It felt like someone was using a blowtorch to get my baby out.


HILLIAM_SWINNEY t1_j1ua7ii wrote

Yep. I had a temporary nerve block for a surgery on my elbow, and they assured me I wouldn’t feel my arm for at least 24 hours. It lasted for about 3 hours post op, leaving me in way more pain than the pain meds could help with


Q8DD33C7J8 t1_j1uad4a wrote

Yep. I don't know how it can go sooo wrong? Like I get that it won't work exactly the same on everyone but geez weeks versus hours is a bit of a range.


midge_rat t1_j1uwby0 wrote

Is your husband a redhead by any chance, or have a redheaded parent?


Q8DD33C7J8 t1_j1wrsu0 wrote

He had a red cast to his hair as a child


WonkyHonky69 t1_j1xa9b0 wrote

This is probably not the reason. As much as I’m aware, the red hair anesthetic resistance was tested discovered for inhalational anesthetics, which do not have the same mechanisms of action as local anesthetics.

The real answer to your question could probably better be answered by an attending anesthesiologist (I’m only an intern), but you’re asking hours vs days as if all nerve blocks are created equal. They are not. Some local anesthetics last longer than others and there is an element of proceduralist dependence (in the case of a few hours vs 24 hours like OP stated). What the other commenter was talking about (weeks) is almost certainly a steroid injection, which is intended to reduce inflammation around the nerve, which will indeed last weeks. A local anesthetic nerve block for a surgery will not.


Q8DD33C7J8 t1_j1xau1o wrote

I know that's his red hair isn't a contributing factor in why his meds don't work.


midge_rat t1_j1wy0hz wrote


DeadlyInertia t1_j1yul8y wrote

Seems like this study uses desflurane, an inhaled anesthetic. Good study but nerve blocks are done using injectables


midge_rat t1_j1yzfli wrote

The results have been replicated with Novocaine and lidocaine


bbpr120 t1_j1x32ux wrote

when I was in for one of my (many...) knee surgeries the guy next to me was getting a nerve block for shoulder surgery. They turned off his arm and took him shortly before it was my turn under the knife.

I woke up to him screaming in agony as the nerve block had worn off already...


PoopIsAlwaysSunny t1_j1uvoup wrote

Depends how bad it is. Nerve blockers give me about 40 minutes to two hours of relief. Not exactly worth the cost and expense.


MindTheGapless t1_j1vsz6a wrote

Got is a few weeks ago. I didn't see much benefit. Ultrasound is doing something, but very slow.