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Hydrocoded t1_j1w4a3q wrote

They will do literally anything but give people opiates, won’t they


KnottaBiggins t1_j1x2inw wrote

Yes, because the one doctor at my pain clinic refused to reduce the opiates he was giving my wife.
Those opiates killed her.
He no longer works there.
(They are big on "we help you get off of opiates.")


Hydrocoded t1_j1xa4bz wrote

Opiates are the only thing that keeps my pain in check. They are a miracle, without them I wouldn’t have a life. These opiate restrictions are tantamount to torture


BlueNinjaTiger t1_j1xh0an wrote

yet thousands of lives have been ruined because of inappropriate usage of opiates. They have their place, but they were definitely being abused and too freely given.


Hydrocoded t1_j1xnmsy wrote

I agree. They need to be freely available to people who understand and consent to the risks. They also need to be kept away from people who do not understand and consent to the risks, with emergencies and such being obvious exceptions.

They are a true miracle drug. One of the most amazing chemicals humanity has ever produced. They are also dangerous when used excessively.

Too much use and too little use are both tragic. Erring in one direction is unacceptable.


KnottaBiggins t1_j2bwfyt wrote

Yes, I can understand that. When absolutely nothing else works, they can be a miracle.
But they are very risky. Be careful with them, and make sure your doctor keeps an eye on your blood chemistry. That was my wife's situation, she never took any more than prescribed yet they still built up to a fatal level in her body.

I can't stress this enough - if you are on potentially fatal medications, make sure your doctor is staying on top of your labwork. Twice a year at least.


Hydrocoded t1_j2cchjw wrote

Thank you for your concern. I wish I didn’t have pain, but for almost 20 years these have been the only thing keeping me sane. Chronic pain is a horror, and chemical dependence sucks, but if given the choice it’s no choice at all


KnottaBiggins t1_j2do1iw wrote

Believe me, I understand. Just the other night, my back was in such pain that I had to take an opiate myself. (Half of a low-dose Vicodin, but still...) Pain sucks.

I hate that I had to take one, too. Opiates are one thing my daughter and I choose to avoid as much as possible. (We also lost her brother to them.)