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skubaloob t1_j09m5mj wrote

Mind blowing that only 1 in 10 people are experiencing physical pain. Not a day goes by I don’t experience physical pain. Are 9/10 people really not feeling pain most of the time?


izzo34 t1_j09ykso wrote

Am 41 and am all fucked up physically. One doctor was kind enough to give me 2 pain meds a day. But we moved and now nobody is willing to do it. I've been thru physical therapy, I do the things they suggest. But it doesn't help. So I just have to live with it until I die. Unless I get cancer. Then they said they would help.


GoinWithThePhloem t1_j0aie6f wrote

35 and I had this same thought the other day. I have some genetic build issues, 3 major knee surgeries and some sort of mystery shoulder problem that causes me more pain/frustration than everything (it aches when I sleep, when I reddit, when I work out, when I stand there ... ALL THE TIME). I’ve done all required PT plus some, and I’m still dealing wirh a lot of imbalanced pain all over my body. I was sitting in my car with my shoulder throbbing thinking, “this is going to be the rest of my life.” Even if I end up finding the cause of my shoulder problems.. what are they going to do? Rehab it? Perform surgery? My knees are a mess, and those have both been fixed I’m still very active, yet i can’t help but be frustrated.


kobemustard t1_j0bo7qg wrote

I had problems in shoulders and other joints and I think a lot of this is inflamed tendons but I think I have a genetic predisposition to develop inflamed tendons. Try and dig around that area and feel for a muscle band that is tight. Then keep massaging it until it softens. Another thing I’ve found is if a movement hurts the tendons aren’t moving properly, in my head I see this as the tendons not gliding past each other smoothly. I try and overload it to basically force that area to move Work it until it really hurts and repeat it as much as possible. Takes a month but this has fixed a lot of issues that have come up for me.


Ragnakak t1_j0aa333 wrote

What is the origin/cause of the pain?


[deleted] t1_j0as13u wrote



Saryrn13 t1_j0ayqh3 wrote

It helps pain but as a chronic pain patient it doesn't do what we need it to. It just makes us hate life a little less and makes the pain minorly easier to deal with...


GhostlyImage t1_j0b6pdn wrote

When I tried weed for pain after breaking my hand it made me hyper focused on that pain to where it was the only thing I could feel like it was a candle in my body's darkness.


TheKrononaut t1_j0ax7uq wrote

I'm 28 and I experience the occasional back pain or headache but im surprised to hear people are just experiencing pain like all the time? What kinda pain are we talking? Muscle pain? Joints?


angerpoop t1_j0b09te wrote

For me (29F), I'm clumsy, I bump into things a lot, I get paper cuts at work. :(

On a more serious note though, I have carpal tunnel which I do feel most days during winter, but that's a manageable pain (for now!).

For chronic pain, I have arthritis in my lower spine, as well as 2 degenerating discs, and dealing with the pain from that at its worst (so far) was... debilitating, really. Being awake was painful. Getting out of bed was extremely difficult because of pain. The process of sitting down hurt the worst, so using the restroom sucked. I had to sleep a certain way in bed to not be in pain. Being in constant pain is depressing and puts you in a VERY dark place, at least it did for me. It's very limiting, I couldn't do basic tasks without being in excruciating pain, and I just wanted to cease to exist because I felt like nothing would fix it and I would be in pain forever. Fortunately, physical therapy is amazing and helped tremendously and I am no longer in constant pain! But yeah every day pain sucks!

Also, how young is "young" with these statistics? ;-;


BabylonSuperiority t1_j0bf3d9 wrote

25 here, I am. Physical labour/work will do that to you, even after just a few years. Id be happy to elaborate and be more specific if you're interested.


[deleted] t1_j0b139f wrote



Saryrn13 t1_j0bh2ic wrote

Just a note, it's been approximately 3 hours since I wrote this reply. I'm still in bed, still awake after multiple times of trying to sleep, I've taken the medication I'm allowed to take. And I'm still in a level of pain high enough that I can't even relax to rest. Much less think about sleep.


LordCrag t1_j0ahxq9 wrote

What level of pain is required to meet that threshold? Most days I have a mild headache that goes way with OTC pain meds. But I wouldn't call that chronic pain per se.


glowstatic t1_j0ajngy wrote

Honestly I think this is really hard to gauge. I found out recently I’m not supposed to have headaches and neck pain 4x a week. Turns out what I was writing off as “headaches” are actually neuralgic migraines, I’ve been having them for about 5 years and just thought that was normal. Life is much cooler when you’re not in pain all the time, weirdly enough. So I think…. If the headaches are disrupting your enjoyment of your life on a regular basis that’s worth talking to a doctor about.


smokeymcdugen t1_j0b2tis wrote

Get help. You should rarely have headaches. It's either something mild and fixable like eye prescription (can happen even if you see more or less clearly) or as serious as a brain tumor.

Typically if you don't have other symptoms and you are young, PCP will send you to optometrist first before and scans.


CogInTheWheel t1_j0amg0p wrote

What? I'm blown away that you (and 1 in 10) do. Because I don't experience persistent physical pain and that's with me having a myriad of major health issues. What causes your pain? Any idea?


BigCommieMachine t1_j0c0atm wrote

There is some literature that says only approximately between 64-77% of people experience a headache in their life.

That means on the high end, 1/4 of people have NEVER had a headache, which is just mind blowing.


Joebebs t1_j0awd0h wrote

I didn’t even know this was a thing….


Alive-Panic-1215 t1_j08ko3z wrote

Would it surprise you to know that I’m experiencing both right now? Don’t wait, ask me how you too can feel bad today!


2016sucksballs t1_j08poz4 wrote

Is it “decades of familial abuse, aided by doctors, teachers, and everyone else aroundC and denied your whole life, resulting in massive health issues?”

Because that’s why I feel bad.


Capitol__Shill t1_j09acf7 wrote

At least you have an excuse. I'm just unhappy for no good reason.


timberwolf0122 t1_j09gi8w wrote

You don’t need to excuse how you feel bro. Have you seen a doctor of therapist?


Capitol__Shill t1_j09h2qi wrote

Yeah I have in the past but it's never been revolutionary for me. Idk I honestly feel like I'm in a better place than I used to be. I just have to stay busy.


timberwolf0122 t1_j09haro wrote

Well I’m glad you are in a better place and that will keep on progressing. It might be worth bringing it up at your next checkup, especially if it’s a new doctor


Capitol__Shill t1_j09hhvu wrote

You have a good point. I actually just got insurance and have an appointment in 3 weeks so I'll bring it up. I appreciate ya.


Roboticpoultry t1_j0a3kid wrote

Same dude. I’ve tried therapies, multiple meds, major changes of scenery, damn near everything and yet my standard operating mood is still somewhere between meh and misery


Capitol__Shill t1_j0a3rku wrote

If I can maintain at meh I'm happy, its the misery that is tough.


Chetkica t1_j09imve wrote

Fucked intestinal microflora?


Capitol__Shill t1_j09k3j5 wrote

It's definitely part of it. Low fodmap has been helping but I tried a new probiotic today and it wrecked my guts.


Chetkica t1_j09nf9f wrote

I also have fodmap intolerance (and a whole host of mental stuff, both trauma and ASD/OCD/Tourettes neurotype repated) and it has helped me too. Though its not a long term solution ideally keep in mind, it can cause you to not get enough nutrients.

probiotics are a mixed bag, you are pretty much playing russian roulette.

Fecal transplants help w such primary cases of depression, EDs and so on.


Capitol__Shill t1_j09nubw wrote

Honestly what helped me the most has been being on antibiotics. Soon as they ran out though, my stomach issues came back. I thought I had cured all of that while I was on them. So I'm continuing the low fodmap and experimenting with probiotics. Your right though it's literally Russian roulette. I started one today and it had me cramping up all day. I think I'm going to try and get into fermenting foods and making my own yogurt.


Chetkica t1_j09og65 wrote

fermented stuff is good, if low fodmap yes.

These probiotics have a higher success rate than synthetic ones. I had ideas of fermenting fruit soy yogurt (its good!) on my own, but dropped it because in europe soy milk is high fodmap so and they dont sell small tetra-pak of soy milk, only 1 L sadly.


bunnyguts t1_j0ais45 wrote

I read ‘I contain multitudes’. It’s not a nutrition book but it does has information about probiotics and probiotics. Might be worth checking out. It’s a bit discouraging of probiotics, but seems to indicate some prebiotics can be useful.


Asuka-m t1_j0arwmz wrote

Depression and other mental health issues do not need to have an "excuse." You don't need some giant trauma or "a good reason" to have a valid problem, and you still deserve help and support regardless. I hope things improve for you


katarina-stratford t1_j0a40qd wrote

Don't forget being undiagnosed ADHD/Autism whilst lectured by parents because "everyone is a bit ADHD/Autistic".


SnowyNW t1_j09akqc wrote

There are dozens of us


8sADPygOB7Jqwm7y t1_j0armzt wrote

We are on Reddit, there are dozens of healthy ones... Most of them are on Instagram to get unhappy, but we are already unhappy so we chose reddit!


OneHumanPeOple t1_j0a2asv wrote

Would you like me to get the Reddit crisis services to send you support information?


Mackheath1 t1_j0br9er wrote

I get that sent to me every time I post on more.. progressive suggestions, in more.. regressive subs.


OneHumanPeOple t1_j0brify wrote

That’s why I asked this person instead of just doing it. It can feel like an attack, especially if people have used it as an attack against you before.


teabagalomaniac t1_j09ckuq wrote

Don't all people experience physical pain?


Destructopoo t1_j0afp4j wrote

"persistent pain (persistent or recurrent pain in the past six months)"

It's not normal for a young person to experience chronic physical pain.


frenchfrygirll t1_j0apzob wrote

I’ve been experience pain since high school. Only recently, about a decade later, am I realizing that it’s not normal to feel pain daily. While it’s not always really bad, it’s weird to think there are people walking around completely pain free.


roberh t1_j0b83ml wrote

>There are people walking around

Like 90% of people?


Destructopoo t1_j0b9rww wrote

Did you know that 10% of people are in constant pain? This seems like way more of a slip.


LiamTheHuman t1_j0brqvg wrote

It must be more normal now with all the repetitive stress injuries from phone and computer use


Destructopoo t1_j0bucd4 wrote

That seems like a random guess


LiamTheHuman t1_j0cdjei wrote

well it's definitely a guess but since I gave a cause I wouldn't say it's random. How does it differ from your statement "It's not normal for a young person to experience chronic physical pain"?


Destructopoo t1_j0exvlo wrote

Kinda moral panic vibes but I guess not completely random. How does it differ?

  1. it's possible to say that something is normal or not based on statistics. It's normal based on the data to not experience chronic pain.

  2. I wasn't giving any causes at all.


LiamTheHuman t1_j0gdov2 wrote

Sorry I thought you said it without any statistics. What statistic were you basing it off of?


Destructopoo t1_j0ikuje wrote

my brother in christ it's the title of the post


LiamTheHuman t1_j0lfpcl wrote

The post is about the cross section of chronic physical pain and suicidality. Unless all people with chronic physical pain have suicidality then it does not support your statement.


Destructopoo t1_j0m0mzv wrote

You're not making much sense and I dont think you really get stats but here you go

Why are you arguing something you already agree with?


LiamTheHuman t1_j0olsgb wrote

Well I think you don't understand how stats work. The post is about the cross section of chronic pain and suicidality in adolescents. The study you posted is about adult chronic pain.

None of those support what you said, so maybe just admit that you made a claim without evidence that was your opinion and then weirdly called me out for replying with my opinion. I'm arguing because you are being hypocritical and I just want to call it out rather than let it go.


Destructopoo t1_j0rgc98 wrote

I said it's not normal to be in chronic pain. You can't let that go..

You're the one who came up with the conjecture that it's about stress injuries from cell phone use. That's pretty goofy.


LiamTheHuman t1_j0sec6u wrote

>It's not normal for a young person to experience chronic physical pain.


Destructopoo t1_j0sgumt wrote

I honestly can't understand what you need from me. Do you not understand what chronic pain means?


sans-delilah t1_j08npj3 wrote

I’m a mid-millennial, and pretty much everybody my age that I know is either a depressed anxious mess with intermittent suicidal thoughts or a straight up sociopath.


Darth_Face2021 t1_j091ghl wrote

There are two roads in a forest....


usernmtkn t1_j0a1q83 wrote

Yeah thats just your social circle, sorry bud. You and I are roughly the same age and thats not my experience at all.


P_ZERO_ t1_j0b3dbw wrote

Their experiences aren’t nullified because you don’t share them. It being their circle doesn’t strictly mean they hang around with likeminded individuals or those who suffer the same ailments, societal standing and location are pretty important factors.


FGM_148_Javelin t1_j0bp5cj wrote

The whole point of their comment was to imply everyone’s feeling that way which isn’t true in my case either


P_ZERO_ t1_j0bq3ay wrote

Where did you get any implication of everyone? The thread is about 1 in 10 people, if he was the 1, would it not make sense another 9 said otherwise?

They said “sorry bud”, as if their experiences don’t matter because they don’t align with their own. It was a redundant comment.

The person didn’t even remotely suggest everyone


draeath t1_j0brt7x wrote

> The thread is about 1 in 10 people, if he was the 1, would it not make sense another 9 said otherwise?

Only if we're talking about an even distribution. I don't think we know that.


P_ZERO_ t1_j0bsp6u wrote

And I don’t think someone sharing anecdotes that match the context is suddenly nullified by someone else’s anecdote.

I have no idea if 1/10 is true, I’d bet it’s a lot higher than that depending on location and social status. I don’t think it’s remotely far to believe less affluent areas and limited access to health care would see numbers greater than 1/10.


LordCrag t1_j0ahuso wrote

Weird my friend group is not like that at all. We all also have kids so maybe that changes the equation somewhat.


MasterAce16 t1_j08u23v wrote

I dont think I know anyone my age (30) that isn't experiencing both of these to some degree


blay12 t1_j0bvlwi wrote

I mean, I’m 32 and have never been suicidal (major depression a few years back yes, but never suicidal)? Plus no lasting/chronic physical pain outside of the occasional gym/exercise injury or a “slept on my back wrong/bad mattress” sorta thing, but I don’t think that’s what the study is talking about.


FLORI_DUH t1_j09abti wrote

I'm pretty sure 100% of people have experienced physical pain, did an AI write this title?


The_Wombles t1_j09mqfm wrote

Just take a gander at ops account and you’ll get your answer. Definitely some sort of bot account


WerewolfShame t1_j09vuka wrote

The title is pulled straight from the article on Oxford's website. They just needed to add one word to make it better.

"Nine per cent of adolescents reported experiencing both persistent pain (persistent or recurrent pain in the past six months)"


danielfletcher t1_j084zgm wrote

That's it? I'm only 41 but since childhood have personally known well over a dozen people to commit suicide, but only one person dead from using drugs and so far none from natural causes. I really would have thought that experiencing suicidality would be over 10% when you factor in those who don't go through with it successfully.

Edit: Nevermind, I missed at the beginning of the article that it is feeling BOTH pain and suicidality. Not one or the other.


skunked t1_j09ryr5 wrote

As someone who has lived most of their life with chronic pain from various chronic illnesses. I can 100% say that physical pain has a huge connection to your mental health and will give you suicidal thoughts.


Yahallo139 t1_j08m414 wrote

It has to be more than that, there's way too many people I know who are depressed


mikesznn t1_j09eh4w wrote

I’m 25 and depressed and all of my friends are depressed too


BoxedPoutine t1_j0a9s1v wrote

Nearly one in 10 young people are experiencing both persistent physical pain and suicidal feelings, according to a new paper from researchers from the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Oslo (Norway), King’s College London, and the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu (Spain).

For people too lazy to click the link and read the first paragraph. Its both, not just one or the other.


Vic_Hedges t1_j0a5wfa wrote

I’m shocked the number is that low.

I figured that was normal for pretty much every body, ever.


moderatesoul t1_j09ezdx wrote

Finally, in the top tenth percentile!


Western-Policy-4646 t1_j09z99j wrote

…9/10 young people don’t experience physical pain?


BoxedPoutine t1_j0a9nsn wrote

The article says both suicidal thoughts and physical pain.


Western-Policy-4646 t1_j0aj60s wrote

Why is physical pain included? It might as well say 50% of people eat food and brush their teeth regularly


BoxedPoutine t1_j0apkft wrote

Because people that have chronic pain issues often have issues with mental health. It tends to limit their capacity for healthy coping mechanisms such as exercise. Also you obviously have never conducted a study (or taken a statistics class, if you did you didn't learn anything) by making a post like that.


Ally_Ooop t1_j0adz05 wrote

As a chronic pain patient, this is not surprising. I am lucky in that I have never been suicidal.

My chronic pain has affected my ability to work and function as an independent adult at the most basic level. I was 28 and needed a motor scooter at the grocery store.

My family and friends didn’t understand. My family finally came around, but I lost at least six best friendships I thought would go the distance. Some have been mended. Most haven’t.

My workplace became extremely hostile to me. Causing more stress. Causing more pain.

The world doesn’t understand your suffering. It will always be hard for them to do so. You will always be fighting - with yourself, with your limits, with your body, and with everybody else.

So the fact that these two statistics line up makes so much sense to me.


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_j0a8rrp wrote

Life’s hard. Been around for almost 4 decades and well you just gotta learn to overcome things and find a reason to go on. Reality isn’t what people see online, easy to feel like nothing in a digital world of people flaunting excessive wealth and false happiness with expensive possessions. None of it really matters or exists, gotta find what makes you happy n takes away life’s downer moments for the time engaged in it. I like rock hunting, mushrooms, and getting into fitness, also making things, tactile accomplishments. fills the empty time of life.


epolonsky t1_j09emvv wrote

What do the other nine experience?


kgturner t1_j0a7z5q wrote

Wait? So 90% of young people don’t experience physical pain?


HelenAngel t1_j0agd2f wrote

Considering 1 in 4 girls & 1 in 25 boys will experience sexual assault, I can’t really say I’m surprised. We live in a horrible, cruel world where justice rarely exists.


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fffyhhiurfgghh t1_j09wxc4 wrote

I can’t tell is how that a good or bad thing. All things considered?


insaneintheblain t1_j0a5gzb wrote

Here is a thought - maybe it's just the one's who wished to take part in the study


TheElderFish t1_j0ahxa1 wrote

Not how a randomized controlled trial works but tell me more


insaneintheblain t1_j0ao2bn wrote

> The data came from more than 8,000 adolescents between the ages of 11 and 15 years across the UK who took part in the My Resilience in Adolescence (MYRIAD) trial

Which part do you disagree with?


SpeakingInDrums t1_j0a6dap wrote

1 in 10? Seems low. Thought it was 10 in 1.


CraWLee t1_j0aj50u wrote

Maybe, just maybe... We take away their social media addiction and there won't be such a staggering amount of these issues?... What do I know though.


shitty_owl_lamp t1_j0ak8e2 wrote

More than 1 in 4 children in England are overweight or obese. Obesity causes chronic pain.

The article doesn’t give a reason for the persistent pain, but I bet that has something to do with it.


Spiduscloud t1_j0apn2t wrote

1in 10 feels low everyone i talk to is sad depressed and or lonely or listless. Id bump it to like 7 in 10


andreasdagen t1_j0appbh wrote

Sorry what? Do most people not feel physical pain daily or at least weekly?


Mr_Mojo_Risin_83 t1_j0au57u wrote

I thought not feeling any pain was a very very rare genetic disorder? Apparently not?


Snaz5 t1_j0bhp0z wrote

What a coincidence! Im feeling both right now!


ArcherXIII t1_j0bph71 wrote

The one in ten is the one that actually came forward and admitted it. I’m sure it’s about 3/10 in actuality. Maybe more.


jkblvins t1_j0bw45n wrote

It’s not just young people!


elpajaroquemamais t1_j0c05e6 wrote

Pretty sure 9.999 of 10 people experience physical pain.


MrZombikilla t1_j0c1yan wrote

I feel pain, do you feel pain? Will this pain last forever?


Agent101g t1_j0e4q2i wrote

Furthermore the war on opiates stigmatizes legitimate pain patients and causes doctors and pharmacists to treat them like street walking drug addicts.


ertmigert t1_j0b3tnu wrote

Whoever conducted this survey and/or wrote this article needs to go away. This is useless information and almost certainly not accurate. Asking young people if they experience suicidal thoughts is like a donkey doing calculus. A lot of them will say they have just to seem cool. And physical pain is a part of life. Next topic.


thetoneranger t1_j09q0kr wrote

Time to take control of your life and stop playing the victim. You can do anything just put your mind and willpower towards it. Nothing is a free handout. Life is hard and sucks.