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noahspurrier t1_j09ishh wrote

I wonder if the gene testing services like 23 And Me test for this.


cdotterhamilton t1_j09vocr wrote

Eventually, I have no doubt. But it is an added charge but is updated frequently as the research comes back and is peer reviewed.


draeath t1_j0bsjhg wrote

Keep in mind they use a chip for sample analysis. If they're not already capturing these genes, they either need a new chip revision and have to rerun samples, or they have to rely on studies finding an association with things they already know about you.

(You can opt into sample storage for future work, but it's been years and they haven't created a new chip revision yet)


thecowintheroom t1_j0bpvae wrote

Hispanic non European it’s a hundred sided die. If you’re Asian it’s a fifty sided die . If your African it’s a five sided die. If you’re white it’s a die where seven out of ten sides of the decagon give you suicidal impulses.

But only out of these, for ease, 700,000 people, did this phenomena occur. With a different data set maybe some other pattern would come up which could further the research. But it would probably use the same genome set. I mean how many copies of various human genomes can exist. How many exist? Does anyone know?