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wockyman t1_j08u7ki wrote

Would these kinds of misidentification account for some portion of dark matter, or are the mass measurements the same?


MadcapHaskap t1_j08vva2 wrote

No, despite the headline their results overlap within the uncertainties of previous estimates of how much rocky material is in the Oort cloud.

Which is 0.1%-10% of the Oort cloud (this measure favours the high end, but it's one object). Still, let's say 10%.

The Oort cloud is ~0.01% the mass of the Sun

Stars are ~10% of ordinary matter.

Ordinary matter is ~10% of (Ordinary + Dark) matter.

So it falls ten million times short of what you'd need (as an order of magnitude estimate)


TheKurosawa t1_j0azdl7 wrote

The Scissors System is devastated.


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