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2_tires t1_j1zgv23 wrote

Just curious, what is “anti-transgender legislation” ?


Mont_fox t1_j1zhp3c wrote

Removing medical coverage or putting extra hurdles in the way of being able to seek care are good examples. Florida has passed laws that make it harder for health providers to treat people without insurance for gender related care. It caused my cost to go from $250ish for a new patient to 550ish.


Padhome t1_j208i5c wrote

Don't forget the Dont Say Gay law in Florida, and the fact that Texas passed a law that can imprison parents for having a trans child and destroy families. They've been fleeing the state or sending their kids to trusted friends and relatives. i.e. The Republican party has created political refugees in our own country.


jaketeater t1_j1ztvfm wrote

The study looked at " the relationship between anti-transgender bills and Google searches". According to Table 1, there were 40 bills (2 of which became laws).

To determine which were anti-transgender, they used the list compiled by Freedom For All Americans, here:


The bills found on the above site were cross checked with the ACLU's tracker

The whole process is described under the heading "Context of current study"

There were 40 bills. It's annoying that they didn't include a list of the bills.


bigbabyfruitsnacks t1_j1zsico wrote

Also included would be laws like 'don't say gay' laws that prevent trans kids from learning about what they are going through at school


uninstallIE t1_j202wvc wrote

Any laws that are about transgender people in a way that harms them. For example, laws preventing transgender kids from getting the medical care they need.