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abaoabao2010 t1_j1zs557 wrote

Pro tip: statistics cares not about anecdotal cases, as long as there's a high correlation between two different things.

Using your logic, you can arrive at stupid conclusions like: getting stabbed is good for your longevity, because there's these two people, one of whom got stabbed but is still alive today, but the other was killed by a car last year while never getting stabbed.


_--00--_ t1_j1zst5n wrote

Yes. Very good?


BadRapeThoughts t1_j21bdqu wrote

He's just pointing out that you seemed to be making quite a leap saying "it indicates nothing" based on a sample size of two. Based on the rest of your comments it seems like you weren't actually saying that it's a completely useless way to measure rates of suicidal ideation, but just pointing out the possibility of there being some limitations to the method and wondering out loud what the parameters were. Which I think is perfectly valid and worth looking more closely at.