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bobbi21 t1_j1ebbgl wrote

If caught early possibly but thats absolutely not true once it gets going. I have type 2 diabetic patients admitted to hospital and literally not eating any food for days due to multiple factors. They still need insulin. That is the vast majority of type 2 diabetics i see.


nowlistenhereboy t1_j1fyq2t wrote

Yes but that is not the majority of type 2 diabetics, that's just the worst 'end-stage' cases. Even later on in the disease diet and exercise can majorly improve A1c and reduce reliance on meds. Exercise causes insulin-independent insertion of glut-4 transporters in muscle cells.

Just because DM2 can't be totally cured doesn't mean we should discount the value of lifestyle changes. Yea it's hard for the patient to maintain those habits but we need to find ways to help them do it.


ph1294 t1_j1ghl22 wrote

Not eating for 3 days with type 2 exacerbates the issue. You’re going to induce hypoglycemia, which isn’t a risk for non diabetics.

You diet control type 2 by eating a healthy portion of low glycemic index food on a regular basis until your body can readjust to the absence of glucose spikes caused by sugary foods and drinks.