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JackHoffenstein t1_j1grl6r wrote

Uh it sure will if you consume enough.


VergesOfSin t1_j1h43mv wrote

that goes for food in general


JackHoffenstein t1_j1h5cbb wrote

Yeah but saying saturated fat won't make you fat is wrong. The only thing that determines whether or not you get fat is whether or not you're in a caloric surplus.


strizzl t1_j1hkad8 wrote

I remember asking a bariatric surgeon one time “how often do you see metabolic problems being the sole reason for someone to be morbidly obese?” He paused a moment then said “I have never met a patient that eats less than me [in 30 years of experience].”


VergesOfSin t1_j1iitkj wrote

nope, the calories in calories out argument is archaic and false. we are not simple machines, we are very complex. 3000 calories of fat vs 3000 calories of carbs will have VAST differences on how much, and what type, of fat is made and stored.


Dolphintorpedo t1_j1emw22 wrote

No it just kills you faster


VergesOfSin t1_j1fe7cr wrote

No, it doesn't, that's a lie. 50 or so years ago, heart disease and heart attacks were almost unheard of. When Eisenhower had a heart attack in office, they blamed fat. Not the 3 packs of cigarettes he was smoking a day.

Look up ancel keyes, and see how he was paid by the sugar industry to fake results, and shift blame to animal fats.

We evolved to eat fat. Animal fat is the only reason we were able to evolve bigger, more complex brains. Well, cooking had a big role in it too.


Delet3r t1_j1gbzkw wrote

This subreddit baffles me. People are meat for thousands of years, now suddenly meat is bad.


AtheismTooStronk t1_j1gh4es wrote

In the quantities that people eat it, yes. Compare it to the days of being a hunter and actually having to work for your food and needing to make it last. You can’t eat meat all day every day and have the activity level of the average American and come out okay.


Delet3r t1_j1ghl7q wrote

And the quality of the meat. 1000 years ago a hunter eats wild game vs today's corn and soy fed cows, etc.