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Dolphintorpedo t1_j1eni09 wrote

Hahahaha, ok. The amount of fat you must ingest from your diet is laughably small compared to the amount the average american eats. A perfect example of this is saturated fat. The leader for research and social programs on heart health in the US (The American Heart Association) sets saturated fat intake at no more then 10% of your caloric intake. Also according to them >90% of Americans consume more then that recommended amount.


terrymr t1_j1fhd4d wrote

And according to my heart surgeon cholesterol and fats seem to be irrelevant. The people getting blockages have poor glycemic control.


nancyapple t1_j1fu631 wrote

Yes, it’s a far more obvious risk factor than saturated fat


nancyapple t1_j1eqtss wrote

There might be some controversy. My personal opinion is without the amount of sugar people consume, fat(natural saturated fat/unsaturated fat with a good Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio) is healthy. At least the most obvious problem of American diet is hyper-processed food/additive sugar, and in general too much fast calories to me. The equation has too many variables and you can't just blame American people don't follow the saturated fat part of the guidelines.