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SexyOldHobo t1_j1ht12c wrote

We’ve done nothing and we’re all out of ideas!

The “formulation” is probably one of the least important aspects of improving this issue on a national scale. Diet and consumer access to healthy food options is the most important, that’s what hits certain communities who aren’t well served. Next is the cost of insulin, which has sky-rocketed, that hits poor and uninsured people the hardest. When people start rationing their insulin, all your optimization and catered treatments go out the window.

We need green spaces with gardens, quality markets, places to exercise, affordable access to cheap medicine. Things everyone wants, but becoming less and less accessible

I’d argue stop subsidizing corn and find an alternative national beverage to soda, that’s not diet soda.

Until we pull ourselves out of our cultural tailspin and establish an improving baseline, any benefits of further drug developments will disappear into the statistical background of deeper social problems