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uniquelyavailable t1_j0fg9mi wrote

Always wonder how imagination/dreaming and/or misunderstanding play into this, they also seem like parallel realities as well. Seems that even when two sources of information sync, they can often do so without correcting one another.


sschepis t1_j0fhkwr wrote

Yes, and this is the part that we are trying to get a handle on right now and has us going around in circles.

Normally the effects of the phenomena would remain unobserved until we reached a critical point of informational exchange that allowed for enough information to be communicated between network nodes that eventually an 'orphan block' of diverged past event in one reality would be noticed in another, instantly resolving then into the one with the most dominant history - kinda like what happens when a blockchain or a DAG seeks concensus.

I know its a crazy theory but so far the predictions it makes seem to line up with what I am observing, anyways. My next step is finding some someone really well-versed in QM to help me work through the details, as my field of expertise is primarily classical information systems.