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Still_kinda_hungry t1_j0gqx2i wrote

Unlike humans, who will skirt around the entire grocery store while internally debating whether they can justify getting Flamin Hot Cheetohs AND a family size bag of Snickers.


liquid_at t1_j0h3adf wrote

And when they are back home, walk up to the full fridge, open the door and find nothing they want to eat.

Humans - Evolutions pride and joy.


ChrysMYO t1_j0jbj2c wrote

Got so hungry grocery shopping, I stopped and got fast food on my way home


wockyman t1_j0gvmz9 wrote

Well don't leave us hanging. Did they get both?


Helenium_autumnale t1_j0h3sh4 wrote

The results show that bull elephants prefer to walk paths that have or lead to plants called Combretum and Cissus which are only eaten by bulls. Family groups will walk paths that have Commiphora and Terminalia, which are a dietary preference for family groups comprising females and young calves.

Fascinating. Never would have guessed that they have sex-specific food preferences.


nyxnars t1_j0gvupi wrote

Don't most migratory animals do this?


KmartQuality t1_j0iezfh wrote

I would like to learn more about migratory animal culinary habits.


All_in_your_mind t1_j0gsutb wrote

Next we'll see a longitudinal ethnographic study explaining that the reason elephants are able to walk directly toward their desired destination without deviation is that everything else gets out of their way.


xXSpaceturdXx t1_j0hko3j wrote

Cows do the same thing they will eat their favorite types of plants first and leave the regular stuff for last. They learnt to set up line feeding for more efficiency in field grazing.


KmartQuality t1_j0if5km wrote

Am I alone in the animal kingdom who saves the best ones for last?


RudeHero t1_j0k8ei4 wrote

Humans have slightly better food security

Wehave developed effective methods to prevent scavengers from stealing our food and prevent carnivores from forcing us away from our food


silverman987 t1_j0jvxzl wrote

I do the same. That way you can enjoy the favorite part of the meal.


RSwordsman t1_j0i0rys wrote

One can imagine that if you weigh 10,000 pounds, economy of movement might be somewhat important.


Godzukiwins t1_j0i99s8 wrote

Study shows, humans do as well


KmartQuality t1_j0ifeg6 wrote

I drive miles around in the hope of not waiting at a light just so I can get my in-and-out with the least about of still time.


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Glittering_Cow945 t1_j0iaxet wrote

Big surprise: Elephants know what they like to eat and they know where to find it, so they take the shortest route there... Who'd a thunk it? It's what I would have expected all along...


readzalot1 t1_j0lh099 wrote

That is obviously not the only thing they found out in the study. Did we also know what those plants were and that the bull groups had different preferences from the family groups? It is easy to make fun of things to make ourselves feel superior. But elephants are dying off and we need to know as much as possible to make use of the habitat that is still available to them


throcksquirp t1_j0jw09l wrote

It’s not real science until taxpayers have given millions to a group of grad students for documenting the obvious.


KmartQuality t1_j0ietb8 wrote

Do they stand at the edge of the Grove of Delicious Thorn Trees and state blankly until they decide nothing looks good anyway then go watch Jeopardy?


MotoRandom t1_j0ikqn2 wrote

I wonder if those same satellites would be able to look at the ocean and determine if the water is in fact wet?


Coolbeanschilly t1_j0inum9 wrote

I mean, it makes sense. They're walking bulldozers so they can make it through any part of the wilderness they want.


Sufficient-Ad6 t1_j0k0x49 wrote

So you're saying I shouldn't feel bad about the path I've worn to my fridge?


kilranian t1_j0kgw7p wrote

Nature creates its own /r/desirepath


escapedpsycho t1_j0klmoj wrote

So it's like how guys shop. I know what I want, in and out five minutes. No muss no fuss, weeks worth of shopping in the basket and to the cashier.


itsSIR2uboy t1_j0m2jud wrote

They can’t see me going to the fridge every night at 2 am, can they?


ZeusAmmon t1_j0i4zrf wrote

The only important question in this is cost path and they completely ignored it.

And if you're using s2, there's a 0% chance you can identify veg. It just isn't high res enough. This is bunk