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snowstorm556 t1_j2dt0y3 wrote

Republicans don’t like birth control age of consent is like 16 most places. there needs to be things in place for teenagers that want birth control whose parent’s wont let them when they turn 16. If they can consent to a life altering decision they should be able to get contraceptive.


mdielmann t1_j2erozk wrote

Anyone who can get pregnant should be able to get contraceptives without another person's consent.


snowstorm556 t1_j2et1kr wrote

I only said 16 because if anyone below that gets pregnant it becomes crime territory.


mdielmann t1_j2eu6qz wrote

Well, age of consent in Texas is 17, I'm pretty sure people under 17 are still having sex, and I'd prefer those who could get pregnant from rape have unfettered access to contraceptives, as well.


RonPMexico t1_j2evhku wrote

Condoms are available for anyone at any age in Texas.


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LethKink t1_j2f5e07 wrote

They break if you don't know how to put them on properly. And %1 ineffective is better than not.


snowstorm556 t1_j2f5gos wrote

I mean we are talking about teens who DONT know how.


hockeyd13 t1_j2fk48x wrote

Condoms have a efficacy rate of 98%


snowstorm556 t1_j2fojof wrote

Condoms dont work when you’re raped because they’re probably not wearing one. Thats why alternatives need to be available