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SaintGalentine t1_j2et627 wrote

The staye of sexual wellness in the South is truly depressing. I grew up in MA, one of the best states for education and children, and our public school covered anatomy and abusive relationships in both middle and high school. (There wasn't really any talk on contraceptives, though) I now teach in the South, and there are laws on the books that specifically state that public school teachers must emphasize "abstinence until marriage" and materials explaining the mechanics of same-sex activity are essentially banned. Our district, the largest in the state, makes it an optional unit that can only be taught in the 7th grade science curriculum.


jtaustin64 t1_j2filwt wrote

I grew up in the South and our school let parents pull their kids out of sex ed if they felt it was inappropriate. Needless to say, most of my sex ed was self taught.


RonPMexico t1_j2ew2c8 wrote

Yeah it's a real shame the schools aren't teaching kids how to give blow jobs and have anal sex. It's like some people don't get that's what schools are for.


SaintGalentine t1_j2exwlp wrote

Is explaining a penis entering a vagina also telling students how to? Teachers don't want minor students involved in sexual activity, but we're trying to prepare them for what they might see outside of school, especially since some are unfortunately already at that point.

Schools are for building foundational life skills and (hopefully) correcting misinformation students encounter. I'd rather students get a factual explanation from a teacher than learn from tiktok or porn, which most middle school-age students have already been exposed to. There's more lgbt youth than ever, and way too many think that since they can't get pregnant, there's no need for precautions or can't be abused.


RonPMexico t1_j2eyml6 wrote

I agree with you. I was talking about those ignorant bigots who think a school should teach math, reading, and science. Clearly, schools are already doing so well with those subjects they have time for extra stuff. There are some backward mouth breathers out there who believe sex should be taught by parents even though it's uncomfortable and yucky.


LethKink t1_j2f6btc wrote

What are you talking about? Sex education is science based. It doesn't matter who teaches it, so long as it is accurate and informative.


LethKink t1_j2f5yav wrote

Because when adults talk about sex education in school we mean sex skills. Not information.


RonPMexico t1_j2f6an2 wrote

What exactly is the point you are trying to make?


LethKink t1_j2f93um wrote

That sex education isn't about how to have (better) sex.


RonPMexico t1_j2f9v05 wrote

Yeah, just the "mechanics" I get it. My point was in agreement with the other commenter. We both think the "mechanics" of blowjobs and anal sex should be included in public schools. I think you agree with me. It's the public schools job to teach kids about a very intimate personal thing like sex and not parents.