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atremblein t1_j0l7fxm wrote

Here is tl;dr:

“The optimal dose of exercise is not yet known, but it is likely to be 20-plus minutes each day and must include resistance training to grow the muscles, increase the size and capacity of the internal pharmacy, and stimulate the myokine production,” he said.

“This study provides strong evidence for the recommendation patients with prostate cancer, and likely anybody with any cancer type, should perform exercise most days, if not every day, to maintain a chemical environment within their body which is suppressive of cancer cell proliferation.”

From the article.


shadyelf t1_j0nvhfc wrote

Guess I'll just do 20 minutes of squats every day. It's like sitting so it's my favorite exercise.


PretendsHesPissed t1_j0nyhby wrote

So it's the same thing as always:

Exercise is crucial in today's world. It's so easy and so tempting to constantly be sitting and consuming via our screens and since the vast majority of us are no longer doing any sort of manual labor, a dedicated exercise routine is crucial.

Exercise is known to have benefits in multiple arenas. Even if you don't have a concern for cancer, the benefits to mood and sleep alone should be a great motivator.


tapirs4daze t1_j0p31ky wrote

Everyone should have a concern for cancer…it can come out of no where and do so very fast.